Discussion: A Day of (Odd) Thanks for College Students

Before I begin, I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and a Happy Hanukkah! I think it's time to bring this little gem back...

You're welcome ;)
Now that we have got that out of our systems, I want to focus on this post. As you read this I will be in Maryland with 25 other family members from my mother's side of the family. The last time I saw all of these people was, unfortunately, at a funeral several months ago, so I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited. But, as I write this post on Tuesday evening, I am laying in my bed for the first time in three months with my laptop on my lap, TLC on the television, a pile of books on my night stand, and three cats curled up at my feet. My mom is on the other side of the floor and I can hear her yelling at some kind of reality television show and my sister is blasting annoying One Direction songs while I text my Dad and engage him in an epic Words with Friends battle that always ends with one of us calling the other and screaming: WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER! THE LOCOMOTIVE IS MOVING DOWN THE TRACK, DAMMIT! This is my family, and I've missed the simplicity that is this life desperately. Three months ago, I couldn't wait to leave. And, hell, I think a huge part of my desire to come home so often stems from the fact that I'm struggling with my roommate, but it's moments like this that I just sit back and realize how thankful I should have been in the past. I just want to take past me and kick her.

Really, Lili of Three Months Ago, you are.
So, I realized this post was necessary for many reasons.
First, I don't want anyone making the same mistakes I did. 
Second, I've sort of inadvertently made it my job to prepare people for college in ways I was not.
And third, who doesn't love some comic relief on a holiday?!

Without further ado...

~*~Lili's Top Twelve Things to Be Thankful For Before Going to College~*~
Some of these will be obvious, some not. I'd love to know your thoughts.

1. Family, especially your parents. These people are constantly here for you and though they can frustrate you at times, you'll find moments where you're just craving their hugs or advice.

I love you too! You're so perfect!
2. Friends. They understand you completely, and you'll miss them immeasurably in the transition period of starting over. I could not have survived this semester if not for certain friends.

3. Pets. The constant companion that loves you unconditionally! You never realize how much they mean to you until you're gone and posting a million Throwback Thursday pictures of them on facebook while retweeting a billion pictures from @CuteEmergency because you're craving the cuddles.

Cuteness = essential to life
4. A Human Sized Bed.

This is you whenever you go home. That bed was never so nice.
I'll give it to you this way, my bed in college is not uncomfortable, but it's nothing compared to my lush full size bed at home. The very first day of school I was so unused to my small bed that I woke myself up at 7am (after passing out at 5am) by punching the wall and skinning my knuckles when I was turning over in my sleep. I also scared the shit out of the people living next door because they ran into my room admittedly slightly high asking why they thought they heard a dying whale.

Looking back on this moment, I laughed hysterically. But, in the moment, I was not a happy camper. Other fun adjustments to the tiny beds includes watching my friend roll of her bed in her sleep and decide to stay on the ground because she was so exhausted. Moral of this story? Love your bed. It is your best friend, and you will miss it.

As a tall individual, I always have a limb hanging off of my bed at college when I sleep. I'm literally giddy to go to sleep tonight because my entire body can be on the same level. Guys, this is a big deal!

5. Closets and Storage Space. If your college has closets than you are one lucky individual that should never complain. Storage space is hard to come by and you'll quickly discover that fitting everything you want into your room is an art. Perfect it, fast. And be prepared to send at least a suitcase full of random things home with your parents because you can't find a home for said items.

This is your space. If you're smart, that one area can be a goldmine.
6. Laundry Machines. The ability to do other tasks while doing laundry in your own home is such a privilege, you have no idea. First of all, you don't have to get dressed to go do laundry. Secondly, you don't have to sit in a sweltering hot room and watch your laundry or wait for a dryer for fear that someone will take your stuff and shove it on the floor before it's done and you have to do it all over again. And thirdly, the laundry room is the equivalent of Hell. It's so hot that you start sweating after being in there for ten seconds. My college has recently made it impossible to open any windows in the laundry room. They're trying to killing us.

7. Bathtubs. These don't exist in college. If they do, then what the hell kind of school do you go to and where can I transfer?! A bubble bath sounds damn welcoming right about now.

Really, I miss bathtubs because watching my cats experience that GIF is endlessly entertaining.

8. Showers. Without. Shoes. Is this really necessary to explain? The showers in my college are cleaned three times a day so cleanliness is not an issue, but the shower flip-flops! They are the devil in disguise! I'm series.

9. Home-Cooked Meals. Guys, my Mom is such a bad cook at times that her inability to cook contributed to me becoming a vegetarian, but I still miss coming home from school and smelling something freshly cooked in the house. My college cafeteria is admittedly amazing, but repetition of any type of food gets old after a while.

10. Quiet. The noise is inescapable except for maybe eight to eleven in the morning on weekends. Two in the afternoon? People are moving around, watching television, relaxing and doing homework. Two in the morning? People are running around preparing to have an amazing night. You can find me wandering New York City, hosting a movie night, or hanging out in a friends room at this time. Your entire schedule is thrown off in college, but the point is that there is never really a true sense of quiet and calm.

You adjust to this, though, and realize that the excitement is a rather pleasant background noise that always leaves a welcoming vibe in its wake. You can always find something to do if you are in the mood. And, if you aren't, it becomes very easy to block others out and focus on your book, your nap, studying, and Netflix. If all else fails, there's always a library. But seek out the quiet study areas. General library rules don't exist in college and there's always some type of conversation happening somewhere except for finals week.

11. Privacy. Don't be alarmed, you really do have a rather private life. Bring a safe, whatever. But I'm thinking more about phone calls. When I want to make a phone call I tend to leave the building entirely and go on a walk to avoid anyone listening in. The walls are thin, the roommate may be near, etc. There is never a complete sense of being alone, so the true concept of privacy is out the window. 

Watch out, even Honey Boo Boo's watching you.
12. Silverware. There's something supremely depressing about having to eat cereal out of a paper bowl that droops from the milk. Seriously. It's sad. Invest in the washable cereal bowls, though stick with the plastic silverware.

For realz, tho.
 If you survived this post, then bravo! Now, I have two questions for you.

1. Do you think I should continue with posts about adjusting to college?
2. What are your worries for college? If you've already been to college can you share any experiences or other things you think belong on this list?


  1. I never had a dorm experience, but just plain moving out of my family's house and on my own brought with it a lot of the same growing pains. Especially when it came to food and pets. My mom is an awesome cook and since I have a little sister, there was always a home cooked meal 99.99999% of the time. It's something that I totally took for granted but now I miss immeasurably because now I'M responsible for my own meals and that's kind of a downer.

    Anyway, I think you should definitely continue on with the college posts. I know that I wish someone had been there to warn me about the struggles of adulting. I'm so glad you're having a great holiday and that college and dorm life are getting better for you. <3

  2. I'm so thankful that only a few of these were an issue being away from home. I managed to snag a room of my own while living in student residence. But I couldn't wait to find my own place. Laundry machines.. yes.
    - Krys