Top Ten Goals/Resolutions for 2014

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by Jamie at The Broke and Bookish.

This post will be half bookish resolutions, and half real-life resolutions, this this post is about to get slightly personal. Sorry, guys, but I needed this.

~*~Bookish Resolutions/Goals~*~

1. I want to read books outside of my comfort zone.
I've really got to expand my horizons, so to speak. I want to get into the adult genres more often, as well as horror. If my favorite type of book is dark and gritty, I should be able to handle a little bit of gore, no? I just want to expand as to avoid the possibility of finding myself stuck in a rut.

2. I want to try to connect with publishing houses.
This isn't a resolution, more of a strong desire. I want to work in a publishing house one day, of course I want to make the connections! Such a thing would just ease my mind ten-fold if it actually happens I suppose. It's a goal more than a resolution.

3. I want to meet some of my bookish friends.
For the few I have met, you've played a huge role in my life. So, I want to meet more of you. I want to be able to give you a hug and verbally tell you how essential you have been to my life lately. I don't think many of you know how much you really mean to me.

4. I want to knock down that TBR pile by hoarding less books.
These two sort of go hand-in-hand. I want to read some of the books that are on my shelves that haven't been read. I don't want to find myself spending much money on books because I don't have it at the moment. So, I want to budget more. And by doing this I will visit the library more, utilize edelweiss and netgalley more, and read or re-read the books already on my shelves.

5. I want to interact with my followers more, especially through comments.
I've been really bad at commenting this year because my life hasn't been at one of its greatest points. But, if you've noticed, I've gotten really good at replying to comments on my own blog recently and I'm slowly improving at replying back on the commenter's blogs. It's got a long way to go, but I'll make it happen. Comments are motivation and it's so great to get a comment on a review since you put so much effort into them. I want to make others happy as they can make me happy.

~*~Real Life Resolutions/Goals~*~
This is where it gets personal.

1. I just want to be happy.
This past year was by no means the worst, but it was very far from the best and definitely one of my worst. I looked forward to graduating high school so I could finally get away from the frustrating individuals in my high school. The cliques, the stereotypes, the stupidity--I just couldn't handle it anymore, especially since I was with the same group of people since kindergarten. The summer entering college was the best summer I ever had. I went to BEA, I spent a lot of time with my family and was just happy, and I even flew out to LA for the first time to see Gillian. Then college hit and I am so miserable there. I hate my roommate and the tension in my own room makes it so hard to read and just be happy. It's inescapable. I cried more in the last 3.5 months of 2013 then I did throughout my entire life. I don't want this anymore. I want 2014 to be the end of this. I'm sick of being sad. I think I've earned a little bit of happiness.

2. I want to read more.
I think one of the many contributing factors to me being so unhappy at college is because I only read 18 books in 3.5 months. That's practically nothing for me. I was so miserable in my own living space that I couldn't focus inside it. It hurt to sit in there and read because I was suffocating. And it's hard to read when you're not alone. I want to try to fix this. Reading is my escape and it helps keep me sane. No wonder I was falling apart.

3. I want to forge stronger relationships with my family.
If there's one thing this miserable college experience has taught me, it's that my family will always be there for me no matter what. Seeing me hurt legitimately hurts them. I want to make sure that our relationships only get stronger from here on out. I can't live without them.

4. I want to be more open and less reserved.
This means that not only do I want my blog followers to know more about me, but I want to be more open with my friends. I tend to close myself off when certain topics arise and I think that may be hurting me. I hold everything inside until I burst and explode and the tears come on. I can't do that anymore. I have to learn to be more expressive. I have no problem sharing opinions since their harmless, but feelings...they're an entirely different story.

5. I want to drink less soda and be healthier
This was my 2012 resolution, and it really helped me lose some weight. I ate really healthy in the beginning of college and maybe drank five sodas in the course of 3.5 months. I even went to the gym in the beginning, but I stopped doing that because it got overridden by athletes and they judge you so hard when you work-out it's not even funny. Me and several other used-to-be-gym-goers stopped going because of that.

~*~Just For Kicks Resolutions/Goals~*~

1. I vow not to be that person that writes 2013 on their papers.
Everyone does this. Well, I am determined not to be that person this year! ;)

2. I want to travel more.
Well, hey, I'm leaving for Israel tomorrow! Look at that! I can check this one off. ;) But, really, I want to get some place new in the U.S. as well.


  1. I wish I knew how to make contacts with Publishing Houses too. I want to work in publicity and it's just one of those things were you need an in, and I'm going to need one. I totally get you with commenting more on other blogs. I feel like I've barely scratched the surface on all the book blogs that I've visited.

    Aly @ My Heart Hearts Books

    1. I mean, I don't just want one for my future career. I want one just because it's something that interests me and I want to know the industry. I'm a genuinely curious person that likes to explore.

  2. TRAVEL!!! YAY ISRAEL YAY LILI HAVE SO MUCH FUN!!! Things to make sure you do:

    1. Eat waffles. I don't know why but waffles are a big deal in Israel eaaaat them. There's this one place called Babette's and if you have free time on Ben Yehuda in Jerusalem, here's what you do: if you're facing the top of the hill/street (and standing at the very bottom), turn left. Then, one or two blocks over, make a right (I can't remember if it's one or two, but if you see a store with a yellow awning called Goa, I think, on the corner, it's the right street). The second store front is this tiny hole in the wall waffle place and it's the most delicious thing ever if you find it you will win everything. And I really do mean most delicious.

    2. Find gummies and eat them all. I'm not even kidding you will soon understand.

    3. If ever you are in the shuk in Jerusalem and can find Marzipan you will eat all of the sugar you refrained from drinking with the sodas in 5 minutes flat.

    4. Every cafe has souffle. It's the Israeli cookie. I swear. Delicious. Find a Coffee Bean or an Aroma and get an ice coffee (which is basically an ice slushi) and a souffle and love everything.

    And if you're wondering why all these things have to with food, it's because all I do in Israel is eat, it's excellent. If you can even get to one of these things you will seriously win. Especially if it's number one. Please do number one. I need you to understand.

    Anyway, the rest of this list is also aces, I just really like the travel one, if you can't tell.

    1. I don't even know what to say in reply to this comment because it is so full of awesome <3 I currently have it printed out to keep in my pocket when I am food-hunting. I definitely want to try the gummies! I'm slightly curious about bringing some back home, but isn't that illegal? haha

      The waffles sound delicious. omg <3

  3. Great goals :-) I need to really start making connections with publishers too. I'm just too afraid to, for some strange reason! I need to comment on more book reviews and discussion features as I'm fairly good at commenting on memes, but that's all I tend to do. I know how much better it makes me feel when I get a comment on a review or discussion. I need to share the love. I hope you achieve your goals!

    1. Girl, I think there's an entire community of commenter's like us that love blogging but just SUCK at commenting <3 we can work on it!

  4. I didn't do a top ten post this week, but we definitely have some of the same goals. These past few months at school, I barely read AT ALL. It was terrible, I almost forgot why I loved books so much, but thankfully I'm back and it's better.

    And THE LIBRARY. I've only been a few times, one of which was that time we went together, but I definitely need to utilize it more. I think I'd be more prone to read while in school if I had access to the books I want to read. We should go together some time!

    - Tabitha @ Tabitha's Book Blog

    1. Same! And some of the books I read just sucked so it furthered my rut and I was not a happy camper.

      We should definitely go again!

  5. Those are some great resolutions. I loved the hoarding books one... I think we all do that. Have a great week.

    Lacie @ Rainy Dayz Reviewz

    1. If you are a blogger, you are a hoarder. No questions asked.

  6. Great resolutions, Lili! I have some of the same goals as well, like getting around the blogosphere more, tackling my TBR pile, and reading more. I agree that family is important, and I hope that you fulfill your goals for 2014!

    My Top Ten Resolutions for 2014

    Best of wishes,
    Kris @Imaginary Reads

    1. I hope you fulfill your goals of 2014 too, Kris! I know I desperately want to <3

  7. Good luck with your goals. I always write the wrong year on my checks when I do my bills in January *hahaha* kelley—the road goes ever ever on

    1. I'm lucky that I don't go back to school until Jan 26 because if I went back sooner half of my papers will still probably have 2013 on it haha

  8. Your list makes me excited for you! Connecting with publishing houses, *nods in agreement* as well as meeting bookish friends. I WANT THAT. Haha, I haven't had to write the date yet on papers, but I hope I won't be that 2013 person either. Traveling, reading more books, I agree with all of this. And you can so do the soda! I stopped cold turkey for a month and now about 5 years later, I hate the taste!

    1. Ugh, I'm hoping I have that experience! I didn't touch soda until finals week in college because I don't drink coffee and I needed something ot keep me up late.

      But I can never give up orange soda. I maybe have a bottle like four times a year and it's this small treat my Dad and I share, so it's a silent craving that I don't realize I have until he surprises me with some haha <3

  9. Those are some really fantastic goals, I want to be able to connect more with my fellow bloggers and friends, as well. I have way too lacking with commenting as often as I should, so that's going to be one of my main goals this year, commenting a lot more on the blogs I follow regularly and keeping up with them. And, I also want to read more outside of my comfort zone, like get at least three adult series read this year and finish Les Miserables too.

    Good luck with your goals, I hope that you're able to meet all of them, because from what I see they are some truly wonderful ones. :)

    Suz @ A Soul Unsung
    Blogging Goals for 2014
    Book Gossip for the Soul: December (Christmas) Book Haul

    1. I think a ton of us have, unfortunately, been lacking in comments D: It's terrible. Yes! I definitely want to read some romance and even Gail Carriger's series!

      Thank you so much <3 That's so sweet!

  10. Drinking less soda is tough for me too. I love Mt. Dew but its TERRIBLE for you. So far, so good, but bad days can change it in an instant.

    Sounds like you are going through some tough stuff. I'm sorry. Maybe you can start being more open on your blog. Something I do that on my blog too, open up about stff and then I start to open up more with people in reality.

    Good luck with your list!

    1. See I've at least made the switch from Coke to Mountain Dew so my teeth don't get stained, so there's a plus! But you're right, both are bad!

      I'm hoping to be more open here if you guys will have me ;) It's hard to be open and just sort of have people look and not comment though. It's different from reviews because this requires me putting myself out there and lack of comments makes me feel like you don't want me putting myself out there and it's this cycle thing that's just BLAH

      Thank you! <3

    2. I drink so much Mt. Dew that people feel the need to tell me how bad it is for me (annoying). But this year I am working on drinking less (but definitely not ready to give it up).

      And totally write about personal stuff! I started following you so I'll definitely throw in my two cents every now and again. :)

  11. Love your goals! I'm so glad that you got personal because that's one of my favorite parts of following blogs, the personality that shines through. I wish you the best of luck on your goals and hope that you have a fantastic year! :)

  12. I'm hoping to read some books out of my comfort zone this year, too. I've already read Avalon, which I'd consider out of my comfort zone (space is not my thing), and have already bought Fortune's Pawn--another space opera. And maybe some more contemporaries, too. And steampunks, one of which I'm reading now. And I also want to read more, too. Last year was such a fail for me.

  13. Excellent goals! I need to push myself outside of my comfort zones more often so I don't wind up burned out again. And my TBR piles need some serious attention this year, or they may fall over and bury me! Yikes! Love your goal to be happy, and think that's important for all of us. Good luck meeting all of your goals! :)