College Blogging 101: Co-bloggers...Yay or Nay?

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Whether or not to get a co-blogger to lighten the workload is a huge question in the blosophere today, not just for college students. So many individual blogs are turning into outright group blogs or at least a co-blogged blog. I can't complain, I am part of Tynga's Reviews and I love knowing that there are five other people helping out to lessen the workload, even though I'm actually one of the ones helping out, but that's beside the point.

As much as I love the help that other bloggers offer, I will never get a co-blogger. That's just me, though. So, I want to discuss why I won't even fathom getting a co-blogger, but next week's post will be all about from the positive experiences of having a co-blogger in college to help you get the full viewpoint on both sides.

The simplest way to put my reasoning behind never getting a co-blogger is my blog title: LILI'S Reflections. That's my name, not someone else's. It's not a generic title where anyone can join in. It signifies one person only, and that is me.

I'm really territorial of this blog, and I think that's mainly because I never thought it would blossom to what it is today. I still remember freaking out the day that I got my first follower, Amy. Or when I got my first comment on a review....the day I got my first blog design and came up with my name. It doesn't matter that this blog was started on a whim, it was started as a place for me to escape and not stress. Plus, I'm really terrible with remembering the endings of books so it served as an awesome way to remember past reads. I could love a book with my entire being and still forget 90% of it within a year because my memory sucks, but when it's been jogged it all comes back to me--which is the original reason I started this blog.

I'm a book snob with a bad memory.
This blog served as my escape from reality. I've only just begun sharing it with people in the real world because I love that it allows me to just...get away. I love that it is fun for me and not a chore. And, yes, I will admit it's not super easy to blog in college, but I'm surrounded by people who accept my weird reading quirks and allow me to do nutty things in reaction to insane moments in books in the middle of our television lounge. I'm happy with my blog continuing and if that means less reviews a month, so be it. I'm not ready to let my little piece of sanity go yet.

Well, Lili, if your review count is lower in college, why not get that co-blogger to raise it up?

A co-blogger normally requires a sense of responsibility. This was my blog originally, so I have to not only teach them my ways, but the things I expect of them. I have to check up on them however much I see fit, make sure their first few reviews don't shame authors or are rude before I begin to trust their reviewing style. I'm not saying I have to babysit them, but I've gotta keep a close eye on them. I have to put the hammer down when necessary and turn into a boss. That sounds like more work then play to me, doesn't it?
That is not what this blog is for.
This all brings me back to my name: LILI'S Reflections. My name is on this blog so the content of this blog will be reflected on me. My blog is on my resume' in regards to bookish jobs and I'm responsible for everything that goes up on this blog, scandalous or not. Well, I actually do welcome a little scandal every now and then, actually. Giveaway goblins, anyone? I don't want negativity and I don't want waves. I don't want the risk of being brought into the limelight for negativity when I didn't do anything. Sure, it may have been the co-blogger's actions, but I was the one who chose that co-blogger, which makes me responsible for everything they do since this blog has my name on it.

Perhaps my feelings towards a co-blogger would be slightly different if I chose a more generic blog name without my name in it, but I wanted this. I wanted something that was solely mine and that is what Lili's Reflections is. In times of distress, I employ guest bloggers, like what I do twice a month for this feature. I tell them that this is still my blog, but I'll very clearly state that that content belongs to them and not me. And I do. And, in all honesty, that's the closest I will ever get to having a co-blogger unless something incredibly drastic changes in my life that forces me to find one before I am emotionally and mentally ready to let my blog go.

That's not to say that co-bloggers will hurt your blog at all. In most cases that I have heard of, it's helped the blog thrive. But if you're employing them to give you a break, don't kid yourself. You may be writing less posts, but you're leading a new individual and have to answer their questions and help them out in place of those posts. It makes your life easier, but you're not exactly home free with less responsibilities. With that being said, I've rarely heard of negative co-blogger experiences. It's just my stubborness and extreme territorial ways in regards to my blog that prohibit me from welcoming a co-blogger.

After all, this blog isn't called Lili and Co.'s Reflections, is it?


Next week's post: Krista from Nawanda Files weighs in with the opposite opinion about why it is so helpful to have a co-blogger in college while sharing her personal experiences.

Next next week's post: I share convenient ways to store books in your admittedly tiny dorm room so that you'll never have to leave such a luxury behind.

Comment below with your thoughts and personal experiences below. Do you think you will get a co-blogger or are you a lone soldier like me?


  1. HAHA right! I understand how the idea of a coblogger could appeal to a lot of others, but that's if they're not OC with the way they're blog is run and would be fine it weren't run they way they want it to be. But as for me, I want the blog to be the representation of who I am, so I guess in a sense I'm a little (a lot) selfish about it XD So yeah! No cobloggers for me either! I am so excited for college >,<

    1. Haha I get ya, college is definitely something to look forward to!

  2. I'm not sure I could ever bring on a full-time coblogger, for the same reason as you! My blog features my name (Awkwordly Emma), and if I had a co-blogger, it wouldn't be just Emma then. I do have guest reviewers on occasion (mainly my one bookworm-ish friend), but that's about it.

    Great post, Lili!

    1. I'm thinking of letting my sister on occasionally, but that's it.

      Thank you!

  3. I agree! While single blogging may be more work, it's MINE. and when I eventually move to WP and change to the new name I want, it's a much more personal name for me and I couldn't consider sharing! So even if it means less often, I want my blog to be MINE and mine alone!