College Blogging 101: The Pro's of Having a Co-Blogger

College Blogging 101 is a weekly meme hosted by Lili's Reflections where a variety of hosts answer questions and give advice in regards to blogging in college. The purpose of this is to help upcoming college students and to create an open discussion forum. If you would like to write a guest post, please fill out this form. If you have a question you want answered, please fill out this form.

This week's guest post is brought to you by Krista of Nawanda Files. In contrast to my post last week, Krista has enjoyed having a co-blogger and feels as if it saved her blog while experiencing college, so this is a different perspective to see which option may appeal to you more.


If you’re blogging in college, then this is the ultimate question you should be asking yourself: to get a co-blogger or not? Because, let’s be honest, college eats your time. Blogging is also a time consuming affair. So this question will go through your head more than once. I ran Nawanda Files alone my junior year of college, but after this was happening to me…

I decided it was time to call in backup. I was lucky enough to have a twin sister who offered to help. So I’m here at Lili’s Reflections today to talk about the pros of getting a co-blogger.


This is the most obvious and biggest reason to reach out and get a co-blogger. Blogging is TIME CONSUMING. Between reading, posting, commenting, and reviewing, you can see that blogging becomes a time bandit. Add college: tests, clubs, studying, labs (they are hella long!) and social time (even fun, this stuff takes time too). Then you can see that college + blogging = one big time suck. 

Having another blogger immediately divides your work. Even if your co-blogger only blogs two out of the seven days, it’s still time they’re giving back to you. Overall, co-blogging relieves stress.


After a while, if you’re chugging along and doing the same old things on your blog, you may fall into the dreadful “blogging slump.” It’s happened to me many times. The great thing about co-bloggers is that two heads are always better than one! Coming up with new memes or features, something fresh and cool is a whole hell of a lot easier when you’re bouncing ideas off someone else. With the two of you, you could even come up with something BEYOND brilliant!

Plus, these ideas can be complicated! Want to throw a month-long contest? Want to have a feature with crazy graphics and more work than one person can manage? It’s possible with a co-blogger. You don’t have to do something simple and easy if you have someone else helping you out. Note: I still usually do the simple and easy thing. Who’s an underachiever *points to self* this girl.


I’m a control-freak. I fully admit it. I have issues handing over my baby…I mean my blog…to other people. Especially someone I only know from a one-page questionnaire. That’s why a few months ago (when I was super stressed for time) I realized that I didn’t just need a co-blogger, I needed guest reviewers. These people are freakin’ life savers.

  So how this works is my guest reviewer reads the books I send her (usually from Netgalley) and she sends me her reviews in a word doc. I still have full control over uploading/formatting the review to my blog, and she saves me so much time. Because what eats up blogging time (at least for me) isn’t writing reviews or composing posts, but actually reading the book.


This is my favorite point. I loved blogging before I nudged my sister to join me on Nawanda Files, but it was a completely different experience afterwards. It became ours and something that was much more enjoyable and fun. And I know many other bloggers who’ve become great friends with their co-blogger. It can truly be an awesome experience. 

Thank you, Lili, for having me on your blog today!!!

Next week's post: I answer the question of where to store books in your admittedly small dorm room! There's certainly some creative solutions to this problem.
Next next week's post: Kelly from Effortlessly Reading is going to stop by and explain how to find books at college if you're unable to bring them from home. Two birds with two posts, guys!

Do you have a co-blogger or do you not have a co-blogger? Weigh in on this discussion below!


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  2. I had wanted to read this series of posts that you had before actually getting to college--but I got caught up in it and haven't had the time to until now. I've been struggling in maintaining my blog and keeping up at school this first semester (which I just finished woo!) and now I'm really excited to have a couple of free days to go through and read all of them. I took on a co-blogger pre-college to prepare for it, but she kind of went AWOL. Luckily, I was able to find two girls this past week who were interested, one already in college, and one starting in September!

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