College Blogging 101: When Is The Right Time To Start A Blog?

College Blogging 101 is a weekly meme hosted by Lili's Reflections where a variety of hosts answer questions and give advice in regards to blogging in college. The purpose of this is to help upcoming college students and to create an open discussion forum. If you would like to write a guest post, please fill out this form. If you have a question you want answered, please fill out this form.

This week's guest blogger is Gaby from Queen Ella Bee Reads. Gaby is a very good friend of mine and she actually helped me stay sane when I went through some insane struggles last semester. She started her blog at the very end of her college career, thus she wanted to answer the question, "when is the right time to start a blog in college?"


Okay. Today I attempt to answer the question: When is the right time to start a blog in college?

In honor of this occasion, I have made a little quiz to kick this thing off.

1. Do you really love reading books?
2. Do you really love blogging?
1. Do you really have the time to both read books and write posts (whether regularly or somewhat irregularly)?

If you've answered YES! to all three of these questions, you should book blog while in college.
If you've answered yes to all three of these questions, you should maybe/probably book blog while in college.
If you've answered maybe? or no to any one of these questions, you should definitely not book blog in college.

Okay. So I'm obviously not the be-all, end-all of deciding who should blog when, just as magazines don't always know if (insert name here) is the right guy for you, but I feel like this really is a good starting point.

But why is this a good starting point?

Because blogging is hard, you guys, especially if you're in college.

I know this because I was in college when I started my blog. Granted, I started when I only had a month left of school (I graduated in December of 2012, for the record). My story pretty much goes as follows: I'd realized how many book blogs existed over Thanksgiving break and fell so fast and hard in love with the idea that I had my own blog up and running within the week. I was a bit indecisive at first, but a couple of people I really trust and/or admire told me to go for it and so I did. (Very quickly and very impulsively.)

But I know I did the right thing because the minute I had my blog up, it was like I'd flipped some switch inside me and all the happiness came rushing in. I honestly remember feeling lighter just having started my blog and joining all of the caps lock fun on Twitter. Which means the important takeaway here is that even if you do start your blog when you have a ton of college left, you have to make sure it'll flip the happiness switch. You had to have fallen so much in love with the books and the blogging that you're willing to deal even through the online troubleshooting, the late hours, the endless piles of books (which doesn't sound like a problem but it really can be), the occasional blogger drama and so much more. All on top of everything that you have going on in college. Which can be a lot, considering there's college troubleshooting, college late hours, college endless piles of books (which is always a problem), the occasional college drama and so much more.

I think what's really important to remember, though, is that blogging isn't a job. College is. (Or it can really lead to one and that's pretty much the same thing.) So don't blog if you view it as just a job or if it's going to get in the way of college. Blog if you're sitting there and you're thinking: "I love books so much and these blogs are so awesome. I could totally do that and GOSH I would love it and it would make me so happy." Obviously, if you barely have the time to sit down and write in introduction post for said blog, you might want to put it off for a bit. But if you have the time or can move around some responsibilities to make the time (even if it's not as much time as you'd like - not posting everyday is more than okay), don't wait for happiness. Go out and get it.

Oh, and as for being social in college: Do. Do make friends and talk to people and whatever else. Force yourself to have those interactions even if they make you uncomfortable and even if it take away from your blogging time. If Cath from Fangirl has taught me anything, it's that online friendships are great but there's something about that face-to-face interaction that does wonders for a person's soul. So let blogging make you happy, but spend less time doing that and more time being a little uncomfortable and social sometimes, okay? It's fine to not post everyday. I promise. The world will not end and your readers will not abandon you. If anything, they'll be happy for you and want to hear all about your fantastic, social, hardworking college life.


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As always, be sure to leave your thoughts, comments, and personal experiences in regards to this topic below! 


  1. A reading blog is very very time consuming for me and I am not in school at all. I had no social life when I was in college because I never had time. Kudos to you for pulling it off!

  2. What's funny is that I first started considering book blogging during my junior year of college, but I didn't actually start doing it until I was unemployed after getting my Master's. :-p But good on you! I did, however, get better at reading more as college went along.