Introducing: College Blogging 101

I took a small survey in the beginning of January to ask everyone what they thought of this feature and there was an overwhelming outpouring of support! So, thank you!

Now, I want to formally introduce this new meme to you!

Introducing...COLLEGE BLOGGING 101!

This is going to be a weekly feature posted every Sunday and the point of it is to help guide incoming college students through their blogging experience. As a second semester freshman, I really wish I had a mentor to help me along and it was not easy figuring things out for myself. Now, I think I've got things down and I want to provide that help to others that I did not have.

Now, this does not mean this meme is for incoming college students only. No, this is for everyone. The point of this is to incite discussion in the comments and to showcase differing opinions. The plan is to have a post go up every Sunday. Two of these posts will be advice pieces written by me answering the questions that you have submitted. The other two posts will be posted by guest bloggers from all different walks of the blogging world. They can be a guest post covering another question, a general interview, a guest post covering the same post I have written and disagreeing with it or sharing their take on it or expanding on it further. The possibilities are endless, but they all work towards the same goal: sharing differing opinions about book blogging in college.

This is a meme that is very reliant on audience participation. By that, I mean that guest bloggers are necessary and questions are necessary. If you want to participate, don't hesitate to ask! You can even write a guest post as a high school student about your worries for college. If you have a question that you want an answer to, don't hesitate to ask! We can't give you an answer if we don't know the question!

For those of you asking questions, do not worry, you will remain anonymous. If there is a question you have about college that you are dying to ask, we can always answer that, too.

Now that we have that out of the way, I want to share two forms with you! Please look below if you want to formally participate in this meme or if you have a question you want answered.

The launch page is now along the top of my blog's sidebar for your convenience.

~*~If You Have A Question You Want Answered~*~
Age does not matter! You can ask any question you want!

~*~If You Want To Participate In This Meme~*~
Age does not matter! You can be a guest blogger even if you are not in college.


  1. Good luck to you for this meme. I'm curious to read what you come up with for topics and what not. Very exciting :)

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