College Blogging 101: A High School Student's Perspective

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This post shares some advice about college from the perspective of a high school student! Brought to you by Summer from Blue Sky Bookshelf, the purpose of this post is to share unique experiences and show that you really aren't alone with your worries, woes, fears, and struggles.


Unless you have some cool superpower, if you're a high school senior, worrying becomes your unpaid job. Unpaid is key because worrying does nothing for you. But this isn't about the psychological effects of worrying and negativity. This isn't even exclusively about high school seniors, but since I am one, I connect with that grade level the best. I think here's the question that's most present on many high schoolers' minds: How will I continue blogging while at college?

Being in high school while blogging is hard enough as it is. Homework, immature classmates (sorry, kids, the immaturity is still there in ages 18-21), extracurriculars, possibly a job, running into the realization that growing up is not fun, and that the TV lies. I realized this past fall that there's way more into applying for colleges than what I thought. I can't apply to any college I want because it turns out that out-of-state wants my first-born child. I couldn't just fill out the basics about me, there were essays involved. Essays that could determine your life, not just a grade. So I admit it, I think "college" and instantly think of "the death of blogging."

I guess I've been more fortunate than others because I've been taking college classes since junior year and a full-time college student since this past fall thanks to dual-enrollment. That doesn't cancel out my worries though. I have the little fears that every college student has like FOOD and the fear of being in the bigger pond. Harder homework, bigger expectations, less time, more stress. Sweet baby cupcakes, I'll have a roommate who is not my little sister and could possibly be every single nightmare rolled into one. I could have so many papers to write that two weeks have passed by and I realized I never read one line out of my latest ARC. I know I'm not the only one with these fears.

Instead of just saying hello to the hardships and bye to blogging, I have a a couple tips, all closely related. Like I said, I still live at home and am not at all an expert on college blogging, but so far, these little tips have helped me out during the stress of this crazy senior year.

List it out. I can't recommend this enough to anybody in any stressful, time-crunching situation. MAKE A LIST. My mom has always said that if you put all your to-dos and worries on paper, it gives you a little more peace in your mind because they're not all rattling inside, demanding to be remembered.

Prioritize and reward. I currently have 11 items on my to-do list that I must get done today before 6pm. 60% is school related, 39% is blog related, and 1% is other (usually fitness related). I like to put my most important items on the top, but I don't even try to label a first, second, third, etc. I make myself finish one thing (usually it's finishing an assignment for school) and then tell myself I can do a blog related thing such as replying to comments, then I can get up and either un-numb my bottom by doing a couple exercises or appease my stomach with bread. Holding off on blogging doesn't always seem like a reward, but you come to realize when compared to schoolwork, it is.

Think little. First of all, stop picturing ALL the things you have to do. Just stop. Now, when you're trying to accomplish goals, make little ones. At least, try to conquer the little ones at first. No, unless you've procrastinated and that huge paper is due in a couple days, put that aside for now and think about each of the smaller goals one at a time. Your progress through your list will go faster and by the time you reach the fifth goal, you won't be as exhausted as you would be if you tried to knock out the 10 page essays first. "I'll finish my 200 word discussion post for history class. Okay, done. I'll go reply to the comments on my last blog post. After my peanut butter, I'll study for a little bit..."

Believe me, list-making or anything similar will help you with your sanity. If you've tried list-making before and discovered that it somehow gives you more negativity in life, you either: don't know how to properly make a list, are thinking in the wrong mindset, or are pathetically crazy in a rare breed, at least to me.

High schoolers, shout-out to the seniors, you aren't alone. Your worries are real and felt by many. Of course, my biggest advice to all of you is to read this feature because there has been great advice (thanks, Lili and others).

Thank you, Lili, for having me!


Thank you for stopping by, Summer! I'm so thankful to have had your unique perspective!

Every comment is appreciated! Please share your thoughts and any similar experiences you may have had.


  1. Making a list and prioritizing is a very good suggestion, Summer. If I were you and had so many school obligations I would only read books that I REALLY wanted to read. Not ones that I felt obligated to for reviewing purposes. It's easier to write a review for a book you love rather than one that's just meh. Also, you could do mini reviews and don't sweat it if you just hit the highlights of why you enjoyed or didn't enjoy the book. Let the synopsis speak to what the book is about. That way blogging would be your fun time and reward for getting your school work and assignments done and wouldn't take up so much time.

    Great post here, Summer! :)

  2. Blogging in college is by far not easy, but it is possible. Thanks for doing this post Summer.

  3. Summer, you have such a good head on your shoulders, that I have no doubt that you can accomplish anything you want. You have great strategies set up already, and just adjust them when you need to. That really stinks about not going to your first choice college, those out-of-state costs can be ridiculous! You'll do great no matter where you go, though.

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