College Blogging 101: So Many Books, So Little Space

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Unfortunately, it's a fact of life that dorm rooms are small as hell. Anyone that has a spacey dorm room is lucky as hell and should never show me pictures because I will turn green with envy. If you didn't figure it out yet, that's a warning to you, Renae! My dorm room posed an interesting challenge for me because I wanted to bring my books from home. You know, lovely books that have yet to be released that I wanted to be able to read on time to review them. I had to bring them, so I did.

If you are like me and are able to bring books to college because your college is within a few hours commute from home, then you've got to bring the following essentials or implement some of these storage ideas.

The favorites.
Everyone has a few of those books that cheer you up no matter what. They bring on the warm fuzzies during your lowest lows. These books can always be your comfort when you are feeling down and you seriously need them. College is great, but your first semester is a learning period that isn't always easy. Bring your favorites so that you still have that temporary escape from reality. They'll never do you wrong.

I just really like losing that word. It means the same thing as "variety." Bring a plethora of different genres of books. These specifically come in handy for mood readers like myself. If all you have to read are contemporary novels, you're going to get sick of them after a while. I brought some new adult and young adult as well as a few middle grades. Every genre but horror is represented on my makeshift bookshelf. I'm thankful that I was smart enough to bring so many options.

Decisions, decisions.
~*~Le Book Storage~*~

Storing books is not easy since most dorm rooms really are only built to have enough room to house the favorites. That's why I've discovered a few smart storage techniques that I'd love to share with everyone.

Way to be, Captain Obvious.
Use the one shelf that comes automatically with your desk (if your desk comes with one). Mine is incredibly small and I was an idiot that chose to fill it with books instead. Piece of advice? Don't be like me.

The Impromptu Shelf.
If you don't have a shelf or used it for useless things like textbooks (psh!) then make your own shelf! The wonderful Gaby at Queen Ella Bee Reads helped me move in my first semester and actually helped me create my bookshelf on top of my armoire. This space is generally used for storage by those tall enough to reach it, but instead I converted it into a bookshelf. I looked up the dimensions of general furniture on my school's website and guestimated how many books would fit on top of it. After Gaby was kind enough to alphabetize them for me, I got about 30 books up there to read throughout the school year. And trust me, they're constantly changing. I highly suggest looking up dimensions of your rooms online as well to see if you want to do something similar to this.

I am the smartest (wo)man alive!
Hide The Pretties.
If none of the above options work, then just hide the pretties. I have a grand total of six (two stacks of three) extra storage drawers under my bed because I have a lot of stuff and I have a lot of clothes. I actually used a drawer and a half to transport my books to school on move-in day and probably would have left them in there if I hadn't utilized the top of my makeshift closet. Sure, they may not be visible, but the pretties will be well hidden and safe from any imaginary dangers you can come up with that will occur at the hands of your worst enemy: the non-bookish. These drawers range everywhere from five dollars to eighteen dollars depending on the size during pre-move-in sales at the container store.

Alternative Hiding of the Pretties.
If you want to be like my roommate, instead of hiding the pretties in storage containers under the bed, hide them in storage containers stacked really high next to your window. They're well protected because storage containers are meant to fit together and they're protected by plastic so nothing from the outside will get in to cause any damage. Plus, it's sort of easier to get things out of drawers that are body level instead of having to sit on the ground.

Sure thing, Lili. Sure thing.

The Magical Wardrobe.
I don't have a lot of hanging clothing. My closet is actually only 1/3 occupied by clothing on hangers. The rest of my closet is actually shoes (because I have a lot of those). I have this hanging closet organizer for extra shoes, which was absolutely necessary to my existence, and I have a hanging closet organizer for sweaters and bulky shirts. So my sweatshirts and sweaters and extra jackets are in there. My Dad, being the genius that he is, realized that if I didn't have all these sweatshirts that he believes I don't need but I obviously need, my books could simply go in there. He's probably right, but I can't say I can confirm or deny his theory since I need my sweaters and jackets and sweatshirts. So, give this one a chance if you so wish and get back to me.

It is not okay to threaten the removal of my clothing.
Those are simply a few of the bookish essentials and the necessary storage possibilities to make their presence a reality. Hope one of these ideas is useful to you!

But, please note, that the best piece of advice that I can give is to join your new local public library system. Most libraries that are within a close vicinity of a college are partnered with the college to find a way to get the student's library cards despite the fact that they permanently do not reside in that town. Definitely look into that when you get the chance.


Next week's post: Kelly from Effortlessly Reading stops by to discuss where to find books if you can't store them in your room like I can.

Next next week's post: My friend Nelli (who I met in school!) from the Anti-Trafficking Independence Project Blog discusses how commuting to college affects your blogging life.

Please comment below with your thoughts/reactions to this post. When you were in college, what crazy ways did you come up with to store books? This series of posts is only possible if the audience shows interest in it staying alive, so please comment if you do get the chance with any thoughts, questions, concerns you have about this post or your upcoming college experience! 



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