College Blogging 101: Balancing Blogging and Friends

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This week's post is about how to balance blogging and friends. Gaby from Queen Ella Bee Reads to stop by to share some tips and tricks to making this happen! Friendship is essential to life, never allow blogging to take it over! Plus, who doesn't love Doctor Who gifs?!


I feel like this topic's kind of a no brainer. I mean, yeah, blogging is great and lovely and it totally helps you make friends that get your bookish self. But real life friends? The ones who can actually hug you when you're sad or throw you a party when it's your birthday or take you out for drinks both for the bad and good stuff? Well, you're gonna want some of those.

Of course, you still want to blog and read and hang out on Twitter. Those things are definitely important or you wouldn't be blogging in the first place. But human contact is important, especially in college. Because the college experience isn't just four years to take classes and move on. It's full of people, love, adventures, shenanigans, and all around dramatic life experience that blogging can't give you.

I actually knew a girl in college. I met her towards the end of her senior year. She said she had no friends. As in, she went through all four years of college and has no one to celebrate graduation with. She has no one to call her college BFF. And she was sad about it. Yeah, she had her reasons to hole up, but at the end of the day... she didn't have anything to show for her college experience except for a degree. And as someone who majored in religion... well, that definitely wouldn't be enough for me.

Of course, I'm not saying everyone should throw away blogging and just hang out with you friends. What I am saying is hang out with your friends when they're doing things you wanna do. Now, if you don't wanna go to that crazy bananas party with the loud music and the too many people, don't. Stay in and read that book. Don't ever feel like you're letting you friends down by choosing to do something to please your introvert self. Because if they know you and love you they'll understand where you're coming from.
They'll understand. They will.
What I am saying is: don't ever tell your friends you'd love to go but you can't because you have to write this blog post. Blogging is not mandatory. You don't need it to get your degree. It's not homework and it shouldn't be work that keeps you from the physical people right in front of you who want to love you but can't because you let blogging get between them and you. Of course, if your brain is broken and needs a break or you feel really motivated to work on this blogging project or finish that book, take a break. Your friends will still be there when you're done - but only if you have them to begin with.
PS: Blogging really is great though and I hope you guys make friends through this as well. If you have and they live locally: go and play with them. Go to bookish events. Make friends who will do all the friend things with you. But just because you have blogging friends doesn't mean you should skimp on the college friends. If you live on a campus, you're living alone for the first time and it's the only time you'll be totally surrounded by college-aged kids living alone. It's a thing for some psychological bonding reason I don't quite understand and, in my opinion, you've gotta experience it, even if it totally blows up in your face, okay?
PPS: In case you need more words on this topic, please read Rainbow Rowell's Fangirl. It might be fictional, but, well, most everything in a Rainbow Rowell book is factual. Even when it's fictional, it's somehow factual.

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  1. This is actually something I've been thinking about a little. Next year sounds like it will have some sort of insane workload and I'll be moving to a different city and I want to continue blogging. I love what you said at the end- that even if you screw up massively, it's important to do the college bonding thing. I hope it doesn't end up totally messed up for me, but either way I'm excited! :)

    Great post!

    -P.E. @ The Sirenic Codex