I Will Go Down With This Ship!!!!!!!!!!!


I don't know about you guys, but that's the song that immediately comes to mind when I find a ship. And let me tell you...I ship hard. I'm that stupid little dingy attached to the edge of the boat that rescues my lovelies as the ship sinks BECAUSE THEY CAN'T NOT BE TOGETHER, OKAY?!

I find that most of my ships to end up together because I tend to follow canon, but lately I've been driven to finish series to make sure that my ships dock successfully. Sure, some holes in the hull from enemy cannons can appear and an ugly kraken can attack, but as long as they dock successfully I am a happy happy reader. I gotta admit I sort of like the literary equivalent of kraken attacks too because some adventure and obstacles provide some pizzazz in otherwise easy pursuits of the heart.

I don't want to waste my time repeating how romance rules my life when reading a book or about how I think opposites attract because Gillian has happened to beat me to both (quite poetically I might add), so instead I've obviously gotta talk about those "pesky" krakens. I love me some krakens and I ship kraken interference just as much as I ship my legitimate ship.

I mean, look at it! Krakens can be cute when they want to be!
I recently completed Fiona Paul's ORDER OF THE ETERNAL ROSE series. I'm not sure about how I feel about the ending. My ship didn't dock, but the author formatted it in such a way that I didn't mind that it went up in flames almost literally because she justified it. Is my heart fully intact? No. Am I happy that the male love interest is all mine now? I suppose. Will I tell you what happens? Of course not, but I can tell you that this book got me thinking...which is never a good thing.

I realized that I tend to prefer relationships that are littered with obstacles. I want holes in the hull and cannon fire and krakens. I want a lot of krakens. I feel as if the existence of krakens is essential to a successful ship because a ship isn't really a good ship if they can't navigate the rough seas. Sure, I'd love for things to go smoothly, but when are the waves ever really in someone's favor? I realized that those relationships that were meant to be and go smoothly just don't exist. They're unrealistic, frustrating, and unship-worthy. They are not this majestic vessel with beautiful sails fighting to stay afloat with passion but a little rowboat that nobody bothers worrying about because if they ever annoy you enough you can kick it and it tips over while you laugh maniacally.


You are not welcome here!
When I was younger I preferred rowboats to ships only because I found krakens to be laborious little things. They're not easy to navigate. If you're an emotional shipper like me, they can potentially cause a reader psychological damage. They can make you cry and scream and hate your life and not want to continue. Meg Cabot's fourth mediator book comes to mind. But, in the end, I'm so thankful for the krakens. They make the journey interesting and they strengthen my ship even more. Not only do they make the reader doubly invested (and emotional to the point that they tweet the author begging for things to be happen again) but they make the two lovers more determined than ever to find each other again and make things work.

There is an art to krakens that light a fire under character's asses to make things happen. Even if the kraken appears in the form of a love triangle. But the one time I oppose krakens and when they come into existence only to make things difficult. Yes, I like difficulties because they're realistic, but I don't like potholes and bumps in the road simply because. Why are they there? What purpose do they serve in the long-run other then making sure there are some waves?

One does not simple release the kraken...one must make the kraken important to the story. And then, when that happens and I'm freaking out and questioning why I even support the usage of krakens, I take a deep breath and realize: Heck yeah! I got me a damn kraken and my passion is about to blow the roof off this place!

I guess what I'm saying is that the next time you find a kraken instead of freaking out...

...sit there and be thankful that your ship is actually making sense. If they can survive this, they can survive anything and you've damn well got a ship worth shipping. I hate emotionally investing myself in two people that prove not to be worth it.

Next time I see a kraken and their siblings, I'll sit there and invite their entire family to come party because, oddly enough, I think they're what makes a relationship. They make it worth it. Except insta-love...that kraken is simply NEVER welcome.

Damn you insta-love!


So...I've recently been loving Pirates of the Caribbean lately, can you tell? I'd love to hear about some of your favorite ships that had long, hard journeys. I tend to prefer my stories this way and I want to read more! Comment below with recommendations and thoughts! <3 Every comment is appreciated.


  1. I shipped two people in the Shatter Me trilogy HARD, and there was, indeed, lots of krackens! I also just finished reading Splintered yesterday, and I shall go down with the Alyssa/Morpheus ship! Great post! New follower :)

  2. Haha this is a great post! I agree that I like relationships with a lot of problems, but internal problems as well. It's a little bit strange (maybe this is just me) if the couple never argues or disagrees about anything. Ever.
    But the Mediator books. My heart....have you finished them?