College Blogging 101: On Roommates

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I left my college on Tuesday, May 13th. My second semester and first year of college officially closed on Saturday, May 17th. Four more years like this and I have my Masters degree.

This is my first time writing one of these posts, ever, without having a second bed in my room occupied by someone who pretty much hates my guts. It's an amazing feeling, guys. But also entirely foreign. I know that it's sad to say that I got used to the constant tension, but I did because adaptability is simply a part of life. It's weird not to have this girl who made parts of my first year a living Hell no longer in my life because, unfortunately, she was such a big part of it for nine months. But I'm damn well happy to be rid of her.

Freedom has never tasted so good!

Really, MY independence day.

Part of me is weirded out by this freedom, though. The ability to, I don't know, eat food without being stared at as if I'm fat and the ability to walk around my room wearing whatever I want whenever I want without fear of her walking in whenever is awesome. She will not be missed, but the idea of her will be missed. This person who I hate and could spend months ranting about (and did!) is officially deleted from Facebook and all other social media websites and it's bittersweet. Not because she's missed, but because I grew used to what my life at college had become, her included. But's feel so damn good to be gone! It's also nice to know that people I barely know can stop coming up to me telling me she's a cold person now. I mean, you live with someone and you know what kind of person they are, am I right?

I suppose the point of this full-circle rambling and plethora of epiphany's serve a single purpose: no matter what, it will get better.

My biggest fear for college was having a crappy roommate. Lo and behold, look what happened. 

A lot of people have terrible roommates, a lot of people have amazing roommates, but you WILL meet friends at college that will get you through. Take mine for instance:

Say hello to my best friend, Max.

You'll find a Max of your own, good or bad roommate aside. They'll be there for the good, the bad, and the ugly and if they aren't there every step of the way, you haven't found a proper Max yet. According to my Dad, I'll come out of college with anywhere from three to ten Max's, but I'm very satisfied with my one and I'll find the others slowly with time.

I think that my experience has been a very rare one, but in the end I wouldn't change it. My roommate taught me to tolerate idiotic demands and extremely rude people. She taught me how to manage my self control and not throw something out the window when she passive aggressively tweets about me. She taught me what it was like living with a roommate, including the constant banging of things in the morning when she gets ready but that's obviously how it's going to be for everyone. She taught me that people suck (which I already knew, but she and her friends simply reaffirmed this for me). She taught me that even people who can't stand each other can laugh about naked girls scaring their RA together and share a Papa John's pizza at 1am because, damn, girls gotta eat when they're hungry. 

If you get along with your roommate then you have a friend to turn to that'll always accept your bad habits. And if your roommate is your best friend, you'll have a person to cry to and laugh with and never live without. If you don't get along with your roommate, you have a damn interesting conversation topic 24/7.

All situations, though not as ideal, sound amazing to me. You have to learn how to deal with chaos at one point in your life, right? It's better that it's sooner rather than later.

This post is really here to tell you that you shouldn't worry about your roommate. Even best friends will argue occasionally. You have to be open and kind and considerate of what they want and it can happen. Be the bigger person in any and all situations and get through your first year and you'll be set for good for the future. You'll come out with best friends that are fully equipped to handle any and all drama thrown your way alongside you. And while some paths aren't easy, they're all necessary.

Just have confidence and you can really get through anything, even if your smile may occasionally falter.

I can't believe I'm lamenting on my time at college. It's nuts that my first year is over.


What are your roommate concerns or have you had any unique roommate experiences if you're already in/out of college? Share them below! Every comment is greatly appreciated. <3


  1. BEING FREE OF A HORRIBLE ROOMMATE IS THE MOST WONDERFUL THING EVER. Seriously, I am so happy for you because there is almost nothing worse than feeling tense, self-conscious and just generally uncomfortable in your own home.

    I had a bizarre roommate situation in college but it ended up giving me my best friend ever so it was worth every second. My first roommate was really rude and stuck-up and made me feel horrible about myself and so second semester I switched dorm rooms and moved in with a different roommate, who was at the time my friend Cassie. She then proceeded to become a crazy party animal and moved out to live with one of her high school friends when I didn't want to join her in sneaking beer into our dorm room. I then bonded with the girl she moved in with (who I'd previously shared a mutual dislike relationship with) over our mutual dislike of Cassie, we got an apartment together sophomore year and almost ten years later we're still best friends.

    I hope next year is an even more amazing year for you and that you live with awesome people this time.

    1. IT IS THE MOST LIBERATING FEELING, ANGIE. Like, I can't explain it. I literally sat in the car on my way home staring out of the windshield and just muttered to my Dad "I am free!"

      I got my best friend out of this entire experience too. He's a guy so I won't be living with him lol but I'll be bothering him for the rest of his life so <3

      I am now beginning to think it's a rite of passage to have one terrible roommate to get through the year with.

  2. Ugh I hate roommates. I'm so glad I'm done with them! I just can't stand to share a room with another person (except my husband).

    I had a horrible roommate back in college. She couldn't sleep if ANY lights were in the room.. and by "lights" I mean things like me using my phone. The light from that would prevent her from being able to sleep so she'd make me leave the room. And it didn't help that she always went to bed like 2-3 hours before I wanted to. Then at one point I walked in on her having sex... on our floor... gosh. So glad those days are over!!

    1. Seriously though! Except I just can't get rid of them until I'm done with college. I think it'll be better when I'm in an apartment because that means we will have our own rooms which makes a huge difference then having someone just sitting there.

      Oh gosh, she sounds terrible. Mine yelled at me because I blew a light so I was using a flashlight at 11pm and she had a migraine I was magically supposed to know about -__-

  3. Congrats on surviving the first year of college, Lili! It'll only get better from here. :)

    1. Ahhh thank you, Jenn! <3 I honestly can't wait!

  4. Ack crappy roommates are the worst, in my Junior/ Senior year I lived in a 'dorm' with 6 of us - 3 small rooms 2 each to a room but we shared 2 bathrooms and a common room/ kitchen -- IT WAS HELL.... about 2 months into my Senior year I ended up living at my then boyfriend's (now husband) house to get away from all the was more annoying than anything else.

    Congrats on getting through year one, keep positive it only gets better :)

    1. Hey, it sucked but at least you found a lifelong partner out of it! That's amazing within itself, no?

      Thank you Steph!

  5. Bad roommates seem to just be a part of college. I myself lived with a horrible roommate for 8 weeks. She was anti-social, passive aggressive, and just strange. She always went to bed around 9. I was afraid she would going to kill me in my sleep. I knew I needed to get out of there. Alas 8 weeks into the semester I moved from 1st floor to 4th floor. It was hard to move all my stuff, but so worth it. I finally found a roommate that I got along with not to say our relationship was perfect. We would get annoyed by each other, but usually got over it pretty quickly. I made my freshman year of college so much more enjoyable.