NYC Reading Spots: The Perfect BEA Downtime

With BEA quickly approaching, I wanted to take a moment to share my favorite reading spots in NYC in relation to BEA. Some of us are going to be here longer then the few days that BEA actually runs. Why not find a nice place to go with those new books and read? I got this idea off of Jennifer E. Smith's post about places to read found here.

1. South Street Seaport

The Seaport is my favorite place to read. There is an abundance of places to choose to sit, all with different views of Brooklyn. There are certain places that families go, where there's grass, where dogs hang out, etc. Honestly, it's just nice to sit out in the sun and look out over the water while you read. It's made doubly nice that the entry to the seaport has a Hagaan Dazs right there!

2. A Park

I highly suggest Central Park if you are in midtown or upper-Manhattan. It's so large. I especially love The Lawn. I get to people watch and play Frisbee while I take a reading break. Just make sure not to situate yourself near a young couple that are a tangle of limbs. Then it's not so pretty. If The Lawn doesn't appeal to you, they have a bunch of boulders to perch on and an area where you can even watch Quidditch and baseball games.

If you are in downtown Manhattan, then I suggest checking out Battery Park. A lot of free concerts go on here and it also has a great view of the water. I love to go for a walk here every now and then. Brooklyn Bridge park is nice, too, but you obviously have to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge to get there. It's a nice thing to do on a nice day. Bring a blanket, a book, and some munchies and you're set for the perfect picnic!

My favorite park ever, though, is The High Line. It's like a suspended garden, pretty much. NYC took old train tracks and converted it into a park. And, yes, there are benches there to sit down with a nice book and enjoy a very unique NYC experience.

3. Your Bed

I do my best reading at night. It's nice to just curl up with a good book, you know? BEA is so amazing, but it is also extremely exhausting. Sometimes you just want to go home with a book and read.

4. The Exhibit Floor

I actually get a lot of reading done at BEA. I tend to get there early, so I'll read while I'm waiting to be let in. I also read on the huge lines for authors. I crack open a book I got earlier in the day that I am beyond anxious to start and sometimes I'll even bring my Kindle to keep up with my eARCs.

5. The Library

Nothing better then being surrounded by a bunch of people that love books, right? Plus, it's always quiet and the New York Public Library puts all other libraries to shame. This is coming from someone whose first job was at a library.

6. The Subway

I'll be honest here, I actually avoid reading in the subway. I love the convenience of the system and I tend to always take express trains, so none of my ventures are long enough for me to truly settle and engross myself in a book. Instead I plug in my headphones and listen to music while I observe my route on a map to make sure I get off of at the right spot. However, it's awesome to people watch and to stalk what they're reading on the Goodreads app. If you do find yourself on the Subway for more then twenty minutes, I highly recommend bringing a book because it is an amazing reading spot if it is not crowded.

Can you share some of your favorite NYC reading spots with me?


  1. I get a lot of reading done on the floor too but not so much outside of BEA. I may have to take your suggestion and head to a park for some reading time this year. I've been meaning to check out The High Line.

    Great post!

  2. Great post, but I'm so jealous right now. I don't think I'll ever get the chance to attend BEA. :(
    I voter reading in bed though. It's the best reading spot anywhere!