Ten Books I Will (Most Likely) Never Read

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So I am changing this week's topic slightly because there are 10 books out there that I don't plan on ever reading. But, as a voracious reader, I can never say never. It's possible that one of you out there may be so genius that you convince me to read one of these books, but if I get to choose right now...I probably won't be picking any of these up anytime soon.

Also, I saw GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY last night so this post is really hastily thrown together and not as pretty as usual. Sorry, guys!

1. Insurgent by Veronica Roth - I got 75 pages into this one and put it down with the intent to pick it up later because the writing bored me immensely...

2. Allegient by Veronica Roth - ...and then I got the ending of ALLEGIANT spoiled for me at 2am one night and decided it was not worth picking up either at the moment.

3. Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake - I know everyone likes this book and I totally respect them for it, but I am the biggest wuss and I can't handle horror, so I have no plans on picking this one up. I will stick with ANTIGODDESS since I happen to love that one.

4. The Nightshade Trilogy by Andrea Cremer - I had interest in this, but then I heard immense uproar about the ending and now I am slightly hesitant. Okay...really hesitant to invest myself in this new series.

5. The City of Indra by Kendall Jennier, Kylie Jennifer, and ghost writer - Yeah, this just sounds bad...Thanks for taking one for the team, whoever read this one!

6. Forever Too Far by Abbi Glines - I really enjoyed her VINCENT BROTHERS duology, but I read the first two books in her Rosemary Beach series and they were among the most frustrating books I ever read. I read both of those because they were handed to me for free, but I will not put myself through this torture anymore!

7. Between The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by April Genivieve Tucholke - Biggest wuss in the world *points to self* and scary books *points to book* do not mix well. While I hear good things, I'm not willing to give up my precious sleep at the very moment.

8. The Selection by Kiera Cass - This book never interested me to begin with, but I have a thing with authors behaving badly and, at times, it's hard for me to move past that.

9. Sophie's Choice by William Styron - While I'm sure it's a respectable story, I just can't.

10. The Odyssey by Homer - Yeah, I just sort of missed the mark on these. Epic poetry doesn't sound awesome to my brain.

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  1. Smart decision on Insurgent. That series is just terrible and overhyped and bah humbug I just don't like it.


    Ummmmm have you read Gillian's review for The city of Indra? MOST HILAROUS THING EVER.

    The last book in the Too Far series is by far the worst.


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  3. The Selection - I seriously would have read that book, if it wasn't for the hissy. :(

  4. I honestly didn't think that Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea was scary. Creepy, yes, but scary, nope. I mean, I'm not a wuss at all, so don't take my word for it, but I'd say that it's very mild thriller/horror. If that makes sense? I'd be curious to see what your thoughts are if you ever decide to read it!
    My TTT

  5. Definitely with you on Kiera Cass. Even if I was interested, which I'm not, I couldn't move past the drama. Also in agreement on Veronica Roth's books. I wasn't a huge fan of Divergent, read Insurget against my better judgment, and then some stupid person decided to comment on my blog with ALL THE SPOILERS. And I was done. So done.

  6. I was disappointed by Allegiant. Honestly, I would say that it is not worth your time, Lili. I am about to read Anna Dressed In Blood. I hope it is not to scary, I am not very brave haha.

  7. Yes, Anna Dressed in Blood gave me nightmares and I LOVE scary books/movies. I woke up one night knowing that "they" were going to get me. Still don't know who "they" is lol. So maybe skip that one if you don't like those kind of things.

    You're not missing anything with The Selection. It was an easy read, but not great. I skimmed the second one and skipped the third all together. Coupled with Kiera's fabulous personality, I think you're good on that one.

    My Top Ten Tuesday: To Read or Not To Read

  8. The Allegiant ending was spoiled for me as well. I didn’t enjoy Insurgent, and I wasn’t rushing out to read Allegiant after its release, but I thought I’d get around to it eventually. Now though, I don’t feel like there is a point.

    I did buy Anna Dressed in Blood, and I probably will read it at some stage... when I'm all nice and brave, and Halloween is a distant memory! I haven’t read any of the others yet, and The Odyssey? Yeah, you're not the only one that will be skipping that one!

    Alma @ Journey Through Fiction

  9. I didn't know Devil and the Blue Sea was scary, now I want to read it more! Haha.

    I read Divergent but I only liked the last hundred pages so...I don't know if I'd like the rest of the trilogy.

    I read Anna and was not impressed so I totes agree.

    ALSO. You only need to read epic poems when you're in high school, so you're good. :)

    Amber Elise @ Du Livre

  10. Here's my thoughts on your list:

    I loved Divergent but I wasn't crazy about Insurgent. I still haven't read Allegient.

    You should check out Anna Dressed in Blood. It's not a gory as it sounds.

    Definitely stay away from the Selection if you don't want to waste your time. I stuck with the series because I thought it would lead somewhere but... it didn't.

    As for the other books, I haven't read them but I agree that Sophie's Choice will never be on my TBR and I'll never read anything by Homer (I'll stick to Cole's Notes).