Comic Con Day Two Recap: Friday

Friday was the day of books for me. I did the Spin 'N' Win at the HarperCollins booth and I also went to two signings for Penguins authors on top of coming across so many awesome galley drops! Just look at this amazing haul!

Comic con day two haul
  • An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir- This was tied for the book I was most looking forward to at NYCC14 alongside RED QUEEN. I literally sprinted from a panel I was sitting in to grab it when Kelly told me they were dropping it as a surprise. Someone screamed when they first began putting these out. I just want to pet it forever.
  • Proxy by Alex London- I have not read this book yet, though I really want to! It was given away as part of a group author signing at the Penguin booth and I now have my own personalized copy. My best friend, Max, who is not typically a book person has read it and loved it, so I have high hopes.
  • The Warrior Heir by Cinda Williams Chima- I happened upon this signing and flipped out because I love Cinda Williams Chima. Naturally, I own all of her books but none are signed. I now have a signed book of hers that they gave away for free during her signing while giving us the option to buy any of her others. I will most likely be giving away my non-signed copy, so stay tuned!
  • Gathering Darkness by Morgan Rhodes- I haven't read book two in this series, but that's because I was told to wait until I could read book three since it was so intense. Well, now I have book three so I can read book two. Anyone else hear that it was just announced this will be a six book series now?
  • Monstrous by MarcyKate Connolly-The cover of this book is adorable and the premise caught my attention immediately when I found out this was about a girl monster. I seriously can't wait
    to delve into this one. Thank you Harper Spin 'N' Win for giving me the chance to read this!
  • The Maze Runner by James Dashner- I grabbed this book when it was dropped at the Random House booth alongside a Dashner Army t-shirt. I have never read this book because my sister protects her Dashner novels with her life. Well, now I will definitely be reading this book and wearing his awesome shirt. This is one of those instances where I went out of my way to see the movie before the book and I'm thankful I did because I feel as if the movie would have lost some shock value if I didn't.
  • The Witches of Echo Park by Amber Benson- I may not be a huge Buffy fan, but hello, Amber Benson! Firstly, you're gorgeous. Secondly, I am really excited to read your book! Thirdly, I accidentally snagged two copies since I visited a group signing Saturday and they handed them out, so there will be a giveaway.
  • Outlander by Diana Gabaldon- I flipped out when I realized the Random House Adult booth was giving away this bestseller! I know that it's now on TV, though I have not watched it yet, but many people have yelled at me to meet Jamie, including Dana, so now it can happen!
  • The Young Elites by Marie Lu- This was a surprise drop by Penguin that happened when I was conveniently walking by. I think they were trying to get rid of their remaining copies since it still said ALA exclusive on it. However, since I purchased this book at her launch at Books of Wonder the week before NYCC14, I already gifted my ARC away to someone who I knew really wanted it.
  • Dove Arising by Karen Bao- I'm really bummed they changed the cover of this novel, but either way I am excited. I was upset when they removed it from the BEA list of book drops, so now I finally have it a few months later!
  • The Paladin Prophecy by Mark Frost- I have to say I really like this cover re-design. I had no idea this book would be there, but I've had my eye on it for a while.
  • Zodiac by Romina Russell- This was part of a Penguin group author signing. I already have a signed and personalized copy from BEA, so I will be giving this signed copy away on the blog to a reader who was unable to attend comic con! Stay tuned. (:
  • Denton Little's Deathdate by Lance Ruvin- I saw them drop this at Random House and it disappeared really fast, so I got curious. It's pretty much about this world where your time of death is tattooed on your arm, so you know the exact date and time you would die. How would you live your life differently and what you do during your last day alive? Well, I'll have to read the book to find out what Denton Little does!You have to admit the premise sounds awesome.
  • The Name of the Star and The Shadow Cabinet by Maureen Johnson- I am not good with scary things. At all. But I vowed I will attempt to try to change that, though there are no promises. This is the series I am going to attempt that with since I now have books one and three. However, if I wimp out, I'll probably send these to a friend. Fingers crossed I find the guts to read these because I have heard amazing things. Thank you Penguin for this awesome signing! Maureen Johnson is so nice!
  • Stolen by Melissa De La Cruz- So, a friend grabbed this one for me. I couldn't really get through book one, so I'll be giving this one away to someone who would enjoy it sometime soon on the blog.
  • Red Rising by Pierce Brown- I spent the summer interning at an agency which is located in the same office as Pierce Brown's literary agent, so this book followed me everywhere. It was super nice to finally get my hands on my own copy and get it signed by the attractive author.
Because today was predominantly book related, I didn't do many other things. I did pick up two awesome t-shirts though! I had to pay for the Comic Con shirt, but look at the Dashner army shirt! I freaking love it!

After picking up all of the aforementioned shirts and (amazing) books, I waited it out to see the Once Upon A Time panel. This show is my favorite television show that is currently airing, so I was determined to see this panel alongside the Disney panel that I saw on Thursday and mentioned in my first post. So, I actually sat through two panels alongside Jackie in order to ensure that we were not only in the Once Upon A Time panel, but that we were in the front row.

The first panel was actually a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles panel. I watched this a few times growing up though I was never a huge fan. However, it's really interesting to see the direction they are taking this franchise because it has been around so long. The turtles have changed their looks so many times I can't even count. It helps that this panel was beyond entertaining and literally LOL-worthy.

The next and final panel standing between me and ONCE UPON A TIME was a DC comics panel about all upcoming comics. Now, I'm not a big comic fan, but this was super interesting, too. And they even have a new comic called Gotham Academy that is meant for young adult readers who may try to cross-over into comics. If I ever attempt comics, it would be with this one. The main character seems awesome and, get this, she hates Batman! I want to find out why!

Finally, finally the ONCE UPON A TIME panel happened and, I have to say, it was really disappointing. This is a room of thousands of super-fans, many of which were dressed as characters like Regina, Elsa, Emma, and Hook. So what they did was show us Sunday's episode. While it was a  beyond amazing experience to watch such a pivotal episode with a ton of super fans (and react to it together) it was completely unnecessary. Obviously, if we are all willing to wait hours to see this panel, we are going to watch the episode anyway.

Last year, they apparently showed about fifteen minutes and then spent 45 minutes talking about the show and taking questions from fans. They wasted 48 minutes of an hour long panel on showing us the episode this year. Jen Morrison (who plays Emma) and the two creators than only answered about four or five questions and took three to four fan questions before hurrying out of there. And it's doubly frustrating because after that massive wait and disappointing panel, one of the few fan questions was wasted by a woman in an Elsa costume who sang the line "Do you want to build a snowman?" and their awkward response was "oh...was that the question?" Not the greatest question if you ask me, especially when so few were able to be asked.

I know the creators are getting a lot of flack for what they did at the panel and I think it's entirely deserved. I've yet to see a replacement why fans were blown off so greatly the way they were, but gah, it just wasn't right. If I go again next year of course I would do this panel again, but I hope so deeply it won't be a repeat of this year. I was looking forward to this panel above all else and can only say I am deeply disappointed.

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Stay tuned for my final recap of days three and four together, which consist of even more bookish awesomeness AND a lot of fun author shenanigans. As always, every comment is appreciated <3 What book out of the above stack is everyone most excited about?


  1. That sucks that the OUAT panel was less of a panel and more just seeing an ep early. YOU MUST MEET JAMIE!!! I didn't realize Witches of Echo Park was written by the Buffy Amber Benson! Such a great haul. I am definitely going for more than one day next year!

    1. So worth it, Dana! Also, you can obviously borrow my copy of WITCHES if you want it. I may have an extra that I can just give to you.

  2. Awesome recap. I couldn't even get into that panel. There were so many people on that line. You got some great books.


    1. As you can tell, I was there like three hours early to get in. Nuts

  3. Oh my gosh, Gathering Darkness!! Rebel Spring was such an amazing sequel, and I'm excited see what you'll think of it once you read it. (There's so many twists.) I especially want to talk to you about a certain ship ;)

    That's a bummer about the Once Upon a Time panel :( Hopefully, they'll make it better next year since it sounds like so many people were disappointed. Great recap!

    1. Psh I like me some good ships, Montana ;)

      Yeah it was BEYOND disappointing! People launched a campaign against the creators on twitter, but I don't think they've released a statement yet, which is super disappointing, especially because the panel was so well loved last year! Why change the set up?! At least tell us why you screwed us if it's because something happened backstage. My disney panel told us flat out they started late because someone important got stuck in an elevator... lol

  4. That's awesome of Random House to give away Outlander for free! They could have made SO much money! o.O

    And it sounds like OUAT really phoned it in this year, that's upsetting.

    Amber Elise @Du Livre

    1. RIGHT?! They also did THE MAZE RUNNER! LIKE WHAT!

      It's beyond upsetting! D:

  5. I'm glad you grabbed An Ember in the Ashes in time. And LOL, it might be Jon and I screaming when we first saw it being dropped. ;D
    Wow, so the Once Upon A Time panel showed an entire episode for the majorly of the panel instead of doing a long question and answer session? That really sucks, especially since you can watch the episode at home. Hopefully they'll change this next year!
    While I think that "do you want to build a snowman?" question was cute, honestly, it wasted time, especially with so many people who might want to ask their own question that will actually require a real answer at the panel.

    1. That doesn't surprise me at all.

      Right?! It was super frustrating, and after all that waiting I did! *turns into a grump*

      If we were asking 20+ questions, sure, fine, ask that question, but because literally only four were asked and that was one I find it super annoying and not cute at all. Made doubly worse by the fact that the girl couldn't really sing...