Grab Some Shaving Cream and Toilet Paper, It's Mischief Night (and My Sister's 18th Birthday)!

Something I've noticed when talking to other bloggers and people, especially those not from the tri-state area (specifically Northern Jersey), is that they have no idea what Mischief Night is. If you want a legitimate explanation, you can click here, but if you want a simple definition this is how it goes:

The night before Halloween where teens prank people and engage in minor vandalism by:
  • Egging houses and cars (the eggs are only brought out if people hate you)
  • Toilet papering trees, houses, cars, bushes, lamp-posts, and anything else on your property
  • Silly-string on everything
  • Shaving cream on everything, especially cars
  • I've heard of a few cases of hiding gnomes because those aren't valid Halloween decorations
  • Any other vandalism that is easily cleaned but also really frustrating to wake up to
If you want an even simpler definition, it is the night where this picture is actually a reality for twenty-four hours:

I'm serious. I've seen it happen. Grocery stores are onto us.

Pretty much, if your house doesn't get hit, you know you're doing something wrong. For the most part, your house gets hit by friends and neighbors when you're out with another group of friends causing mayhem somewhere else. Rarely, your house gets hit (and actually egged) if people hate you. Not getting hit means you're not on anyone's radar in any form, and that is kind of a bummer if you ask me.

It sucks cleaning everything up. Trust me, I've helped my Dad do it plenty a time, but it's also like an unspoken rite of passage. You go to sleep excited to wake up the next day because it's Halloween, only to look out your window in horror and then happiness because not only are you worthy, but someone did your Halloween decorating for you. And then you realize you have to clean it all up...

My house always got hit especially hard because my younger sister's birthday is actually the day before Halloween on good ol' October 30th. So while we were never egged, we always had extra silly string on the bushes and shaving cream messages on the lawn, the walkway, the stairs, the driveway, the garage doors, the hoods of our cars, our fences, etc. I can't tell you how sick I quickly became of seeing "Happy B-Day, Sydney" spelled out in silly string, toilet paper, and shaving cream on various surfaces. Mostly because I got enlisted to clean stuff up and was rarely released into the wild to participate in Mischief Night because of my sister's unfortunate date of birth.
So, while I'm on the topic, Happy birthday, Sydney! You're officially an adult at eighteen years old and I'm not even home to tell you I have spotted your first gray hair at this old age! Go buy those lottery tickets, register to vote, and be thankful the days of being forced to buy cigarettes just because you can, even if you don't smoke, are gone. Be old and begin to adult like the rest of us. And, I promise you, you'll love every minute of it!

And if you're anything like me, you're just going to walk around all day like a boss...
I was wondering if anyone else had any unique Halloween traditions in their area? If none like mine, does your family do anything cool/cute/fun/unique? Comment below with your thoughts! Typically, when describing Mischief Night, I get gasps of horror and police threats if I lived in your area. Bring it on, Sydney and I are ready for ya. ;)



    Here it isn't necessarily getting your friends, but vandalizing your school.We never called it anything though. It really isn't as dominate as it used to be though. That is really cool that your area still does it!

    1. Haha vandalizing your school?Jeez. Hardcore.

  2. Yeah we don't really have anything the day before Halloween, I've heard of Devil's NIght though (on an episode of Criminal Minds :p ). Sounds like Mischief Night is even more hectic than Halloween!

    Amber Elise @ Du Livre

    1. Haha it's certainly it's own kind of night.

  3. Wow, I've never heard of this before! Yesterday I had someone tell me that she always had to tell a joke to get candy while trick-or-treating where she was from though, so I suppose every region has their won traditions!

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