Happy Halloween!


Having grown up with a sister who was born the day before this holiday, I can't say I have always been hugely into it. I liked the free candy, I liked swapping gross free candy for better candy, and I liked stealing my sister's candy. As I grew older, I enjoyed handing out candy to little kids who came trick-or-treating and I liked going to the parties, especially ones where I wasn't required to wear a costume because dressing up isn't my thing.

So while most people will be celebrating in their own ways, I'll be interning today (and loving every minute of it), and then I'll be hitting up a party in my friend's apartment in Williamsburg before coming home and eating a lot of candy while I marathon Halloweentown because I also have to work tomorrow morning. I'm adulting hardcore, right? Oh well, I can kick back and relax when Christmas rolls around. ;)

Have an amazing Halloween, everyone!

And have an awesome first day of being 18, Sydney. Damn, you are getting old ;)

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