The Broadway Review: On The Town

Date Seen: Friday, December 5, 2014
Seating: Third Row Center Mezz
Ticket Source: Box Office
Ticket Cost: $39
Rating: 1 out of 2 Thumbs Up
This fall, one of America's greatest musical comedies is docking at Broadway's beautifully restored Lyric Theatre in the heart of Times Square! With the biggest orchestra on Broadway and a 30-member cast of New York's most talented singers and dancers, On the Town tells the story of three wide-eyed sailors on a whirlwind musical tour of the city that never sleeps. With just 24 hours of shore leave, they’re eager to experience all that New York City has to offer… including a chance to discover love with the girl of their dreams.
~*~Journey to the Tickets~*~

Nothing special here this time around. I wanted to see a show with my Honors College mentee and we decided it would be ON THE TOWN because, hello, hot sailors that sing. Since my internship at Bloomsbury is very close to Times Square, I met up with her at the theater to buy the tickets and grab lunch. When we asked for the best seats possible for the cheapest amount of money we got center first row balcony, or really third row mezzanine because of how this gorgeous theater is set up.

~*~Lili's Reflections~*~

This show is old school Broadway in the best possible way. There's exaggeration for laughs, beautiful dance sequences to convey emotions without singing, a recipe to steal the hearts of every hopeless romantic, and amazing talent. I'm beyond happy I saw it.

Three sailors arrive in New York for the very first time. One of them is desperate to see the sights, the other is desperate to see a few women if you catch my drift, and one just wants to find the one. He stumbles across a picture of Ivy Smith, the current Ms. Turnstiles of the month (keep in mind this is meant to take place in the past), and immediately falls in love with her photo, enlisting the help of his buddies to find the woman of his dreams in The Big Apple based solely off of her biography along the bottom of the picture. Along the way, they all find women that are arguably perfect for them and the one question is will they be able to find Gabey's love, Ivy, before it's too late?

As a hopeless romantic, I adored this plot and the show. It was full of laughter and fun. Seriously, I was almost in tears at one point. However, the whole "love" thing after twenty four hours always frustrates me, but I can put it aside for Broadway because, hey, it's an old school Broadway revival. With that in mind, I really only had one issue with the show and that was Ivy Smith. Granted, it was her understudy, but she was not the greatest at all. She did not command the stage and her dancing was lacking. It's terrible when the lead ballet dancer gets upstaged by the company dancers, but that's what happened to her. She couldn't even extend her leg fully or properly and she missed several cues, dropping things on stage. I kind of hope this was her first time out there because if it wasn't then that's really, really sad and they should reevaluate a few things. Mistakes should never be as obvious to the audience.

Aside from that, this show was perfect. The two other main women of the show completely stole it with their amazing singing voices and hilarious dances moves. I aspire to be Hildy one day and Claire is a walking paradox. If you can't dance, embrace it and do the gorilla--that's what I learned from her! The sailors not only know how to dance, they're full of amazing talent and their shirts come off once or twice so that's always wonderful. ;)

All in all, a very solid show that will appeal to those who want a fun story, a whirlwind romance, and some of the best talent out there. However, if you pay a lot for your seats and the understudy is out there on stage for Ivy, Hildy, Claire or any of the three sailors, I sincerely apologize. The show isn't the same without them. I will be seeing it again because while I'm sure the understudy was nervous, I want to see a great performance and I know this show is great, but it was hindered by her off night.

Worth noting: this is a great show to see with literally anyone if they're old enough to handle sexual innuendo.

Check out America's favorite sailors serenading the city in the amazing song, NEW YORK, NEW YORK!

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  1. On the Town seems pretty charming! I've seen the signs for it hanging around, but never really thought about watching it. Loved the video you shared though! It definitely seems like the kind of show I'd watch.

    1. Romance, hot sailors, and girls who can hold their own? I think it's got your name all over it, Alexa! (And the 39 dollar tickets should be able to apply to you! They're not just a student thing for this one.)

  2. On The Town sounds so good! I'm so glad it was funny and romantic. Next time I come up to NYC I'll have to see it. Awesome review, Lili :)