The Intern Diaries: What Do You Want From this Post Series?

After my first internship at a literary agency, I put together a free-flowing post about what I learned. Well, now that I am at Bloomsbury, I want to do the same thing as I go, but share it with my readers since I'm quickly discovering that many of you aspire to do the same thing that I am doing now! With 6 months under my belt and several more to go, I think now's a good time to start recording my thoughts!


Last week I launched my new series called The Intern Diaries and it was a resounding success thanks to its first post on social media. A lot of people showed interest and curiosity and some people on Twitter already sent me questions they'd like to know. So, to make it easier for all of us, I am giving you a bit of say and will begin posting these posts regular on Sundays starting next week!

What's awesome about this meme is that I can answer your burning questions (to the best of my ability) for those that are curious and also answer the questions of those that want to one day intern as well. So, please take advantage of this form below! You may get a post on a topic you really want a post on! This is for me to help you! (:

I am so excited that many of you expressed as much interest in this new series as I did, and I can't wait to see your thoughts through this form and the comment section below! I look forward to bringing the most requested topic to your attention next Sunday!

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