Princess Academy Blog Tour Series Review & Giveaway

~*~Lili's Series Review~*~
 Please note that there will be spoilers since this is a series review.

What's so great about this series is that it is absolutely timeless. Readers of all ages can read it and enjoy Miri's adventures with her friends and family and young readers can even grow alongside her.
But the best part is the fact that no matter what her age is, Miri is a strong heroine that is easy to support, admire, and love, and I think that there is nothing more important than that.

Book one starts off with Miri and her family living on Mount Eskel where they mine for linder. She really wants to help her beloved mountain and mine in the linder quarry one day, too, but her Pa won't let her because of her small size. Shortly a group of nobles come to Mount Eskel claiming that one of the young girls will marry the Prince and they bring all of the girls to a Princess Academy. Reluctantly, Miri accompanies all girls aged twelve to eighteen from her village to learn how to be a princess. Naturally there's going to be friends and enemies...Tutor Olana, for instance, is really hated because she is very cruel and downright unfair.

While she learns the typical things necessary to being a princess, like history and poise and how to read and write, she also learns quarry speech. As one can guess, this is how people speak in the linder quarries--a place very important to her despite her inability to work there. Eventually becoming the top student, Miri's intense fascination with quarry speak grows as the prince's visit comes nearer. Quarry-speech is just so cool, guys! It's such a unique concept that's totally fascinating and, agh, just pick up the book to see what I mean!

Full of friendship, adventure, romance, creativity, and a lot of girl-power, book one cannot be missed.

Fast forward to book two and Miri and her fellow Princess Academy attendees are heading to the city to prepare for Princess Britta's wedding. Yup, you heard that right, Miri did not become the Princess,
but that's okay! Not only was she questioning whether being a Princess was proper for her, her heart was also in another place with Peder...the boy who is conveniently accompanying the girls to the city to learn how to sculpt their beloved linder.

However, the city is not as fun as Miri expected. There are whispers of a revolution and overthrowing the royal family, which now includes Miri's dear friend Britta. While maintaining the lightheartedness and fairytale-like atmosphere of book one, book two ups the ante and raises the stakes with true political turmoil as opposed to a clean Princess-like Hunger Games set-up where one shall rise above all by out-Princessing them. Really, book one just feels like a clean, Princess-centric Hunger Games to me. Anyway, moving on!

Miri being the smart, sophisticated, loyal person that we all know in love, involves herself in the potential revolution and befriends people on both sides to figure out what is truly going on and which side her beloved home should take. She finds herself in the middle of this rumored revolution and must work her way out of it unscathed while protecting all of those close to her on both sides, including Timon...the handsome boy who has been very up-front with his feelings for her, unlike Peder.

What will happen? Well...onwards to book three which is even more delightful than books one and two. Who knew that was even possible?

After the ending of book two I'm actually trying to not include spoilers here, guys! Miri is heading back to Mount Eskel only to be summoned by the King. She has to journey to a distant swamp and start a Princess Academy for three sisters that are distantly related to the royal family. However, the girls are more interested in hunting than learning about proper etiquette and poise. Of course, the most entertaining havoc ensues as Miri learns to deal with the three sisters and their unique swamp ways while trying to turn them into proper young ladies.

The three sisters are Astrid, Sus, and Felissa and I love them to death for their complexity and entertainment value. I genuinely think that this feeling will echo across an entire audience of readers. Part survivalists and part young girls with many hopes and dreams, people will be able to root for them despite the mysterious reasons behind why the King and Queen are suddenly so invested in them.

But, have no fear, Miri is on the case and she's going to protect these girls with everything she's got while she figures out why, exactly, these three swampy little things must now be Princess-ready.

Also worth noting, Peder does make a small appearance because what is Miri's journey without a little bit of Peder in it? Watching their relationship progress has been a real treat and seeing where it ends is definitely satisfactory.

~*~In Conclusion~*~

I really have no idea what to say here aside from READ THIS TRILOGY! Not only does it read fast, but it's delightful, entertaining, hilarious, well-written, beautiful, and it has a very strong heroine that young girls can look up to. Mash up every positive descriptive word out there and that's how you describe this series. I already know I'll be re-reading it this summer with the family I babysit, and I hope that you give yourself the same opportunity to immerse yourself in Hale's amazing world-building that got her a Newbery Honor 10 years ago.


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  1. omg, there's going to be a book 3? :D I loved the first two books (and was really thrown with the pretty new covers). Didn't know she was going to continue the series! I have a thing for books where normal girls become princesses. And it's so well written! You fall in love with the characters. Can't wait for the 3rd!!

  2. I love Miri. She's not kick-butt in a tough, karate kind of way, but she's smart and low-key.