A Quick Update

Hey all!

There was a small flood in my room and I've been super busy rescuing my clothing and figuring out what I need to put a claim on, as well as bleaching everything to avoid bad smells and such. On top of working and homework and interning I just haven't had the time to blog because all my free time has been devoted to saving my clothes and such.

In reality, this can happen anywhere. My Father just got his bathroom re-done because of a leak in the apartment above him, so it's kind of ironic that I am experiencing something similar on my own in a different state. I just never realized how hard recovering from such a thing can be on your own without your parents convenient help. But, hey, college is a learning experience right? Things happen and you roll with it and learn to adult and whatnot. I still love my school and my dorm room and am learning things that I never thought I would learn, that's for sure ;)

I'll be back shortly and hopefully not gone too much longer! Hope all is well in your world!



  1. OMG. When I was in college, the girl who lived above me let her toilet overflow, and it flooded my dorm. There was water everywhere, but luckily, it was all around the bathroom area and only toiletries were ruined. It was definitely a learning experience.

    I hope nothing too valuable was ruined. If you need someone to talk to or vent to about it, let me know. :)

    1. Agh that sounds terrible! I lost some shoes and a few items of clothing totaling a few hundred dollars, but thankfully nothing of SIGNIFICANT value was ruined.

      Hah oh man, I could rant about this for DAYS

  2. Yikes!! Good luck getting everything clean and organized again!