Epic Recs (6): April (We're Back!!!)

Epic Recs is hosted by Judith and Amber.
Pretty much, it's our own awesome book club where you team up with a bookish buddy and become Epic Rec partners. You epically recommend one title to them each month and they do the same for you in return and you sit back, relax, and read. My Epic Rec partner is the lovely Bekka from Pretty Deadly Reviews. We've known each other for a while and she's one of my best blogging friends, so I am excited for this new endeavor of ours to continue!

So, Bekka and I took a brief break from Epic Recs for personal reasons and life craziness and such, but we are finally back! I am so excited to kick this book club off again because not only did I have a blast doing it, I also found some of my new favorite books through it thanks to Bekka.

~*~Lili Recs~*~
I am forever devoted to all things Victoria Schwab and I will jump at every opportunity to force her works on everyone, so I am very excited for Bekka to read Vicious because of its darkness and amazing way to make you question morality and good vs. evil.

~*~Bekka Recs~*~
In the past, Bekka has had me read JELLICOE ROAD, another Melina Marchetta book that absolutely blew me away, so I have super high expectations for Saving Francesca. I would be lying if I said I didn't jump up and down in excitement when I realized this was her rec.

Have you read either of this month's recs? If so, what did you think? I am super excited for both of us and I am 100% sure that this is going to be a kickass month!


  1. Vair vair vair excited! I hope SF is a new favorite <3

  2. I finished Vicious about two weeks ago! It was a great book, although too disturbing for me to actually say the words, 'I liked it'. I'm gonna check out Saving Francesca!

    1. I like disturbing things, so I will happily declare I LOVED VICIOUS! muahahahah ;)

      I hope you like Saving Francesca! I haven't read it yet myself, but I feel like I'll love it!

  3. SAVING FRANCESCA! I read that novel late last year, and loved it. You're in for a treat, Lili!

  4. I just finished A Darker Shade of Magic and am sooo Team Schwab! Gonna have to read Vicious now.