It's feeling a lot like a musical Monday...

So, long story short, I am in desperate need of new music. I love my iTunes library, but it is never large enough for someone who listens to music when doing homework, when walking, when riding the subway, when working, and I want to add more. So, I thought what better place to look for recommendations than on my blog? I want to know what your music recommendations are, and while we are at it, I'll share six of the songs that are blowing up my iTunes as we speak...

Song #1: Let's Get Started by Dylan Gardner
I wish he was more well known because I love his works, but I will totally admit the way he moves in this music video reminds me of a Muppet.

Song #2: I Bet My Life by Imagine Dragons
My favorite band ever singing awesome songs and a music video featuring Dane DeHaan? Yes, please!

Song #3: Centuries by Fall Out Boy
Forever devoted to Patrick Stump's voice no matter how much it changes.

Song #4: Car Radio by twenty one pilots
I've had this song stuck in my head for well over a year, it comes back in times when I find myself thinking a lot because it's all about getting lost in ones thoughts since this guy's car radio kept him calm. Kind of how I am with books, no?

Song #5: Shut Up and Dance With Me by Walk the Moon
Ever since I did karaoke two weeks ago, this song has been stuck in my head even more than usual!

Song #6: One Last Time by Ariana Grande
I know, this one is kind of surprising given the rest of the list, but her voice is so crazy good and I am a sucker for an addicting beat every now and then!

So, what are you currently listening to? Tell me about your tunes below!


  1. I'm a little bit obsessed with Shut Up and Dance! But I'm also a pop gal, and listen to a lot of One Direction + Taylor Swift + Ed Sheeran. I'm also rediscovering my love for Of Monsters and Men though; love their stuff!

  2. Pretty sure Shut Up And Dance is going to be my newest addiction. Thanks!