Top Ten Authors I REALLY Want To Meet

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish.

This week's topic was great and also offered a nice quick reprieve to finals studying, so without further ado, the top ten authors I really want to meet that I have not read yet. In no particular order...

1. J.K. Rowling- I feel like the Queen is a given. Do I really have to explain this one?

2. Markus Zusak- He authored my favorite book ever, The Book Thief, and I desperately want to meet him because of that. Actually, if I could go to dinner with any author it would be Markus Zusak or J.K. Rowling just because I would want to pick their brains forever.

3. Rick Riordan- Creator of Percy Jackson, one of the authors that got me reading young and introduced me to one of the few series that I've re-read time and again. Just, ah, I'd love to meet him!

4. Robin LaFevers- She brought me one of my favorite historical fantasy series with assassin nuns and a crazy world that I never want to leave. Just, agh, I need to meet this genius woman! She has to come to New York City eventually, right?

5. Rae Carson- Girl of Fire and Thorns is so great! While I did not love Walk on Earth a Stranger, I still love her mind and her worlds, and I'd probably fangirl so hard I'd smack myself in the face if I ever got to meet her.

6. Kristin Cashore- Her books are beyond amazing and I am anxiously anticipating any future works she may choose to produce. The thought of meeting her makes me smile crazily, so I'll make it happen some day. One of the authors I am totally willing to travel for.

7. Emery Lord- I just love her books so much and I can't wait to meet her, BUT I WILL BE MEETING HER IN JUNE WHEN THE BOLDLY BOOKISH TOUR COMES TO NEW YORK CITY AND I CANNOT WAIT!!! AHHH!!!!!

8. Marissa Meyer- Every time she has been to New York City I have been unable to see her! It is so sad! I need to meet the writer of one of my favorite fairytale imaginings ever!

9. Melina Marchetta- I have not read many Marchetta books just yet, but every one that I have read has blown me away. I just have to meet this woman because her books are so amazing and her mind is just Just wow. If Melina Marchetta came to America, I am sure there'd be a crazy swarm to meet her.

10. John Green- I feel like John Green is a nerd like the rest of us, and I feel like he'd be a great person to have a conversation with if he wasn't surrounded by thousands of his adoring fans. 

Who are your top ten authors that you want to meet? Do we have any in common? Link your TTT posts below! 


  1. I would love to meet J.K Rowling and Rick Riordan, too! I need to catch up on Marissa Meyer's series. And since you completed Rae Carson and Robin Lafevers series for me I am so ready to binge read them!

    1. You have to catch up on her series!

      You also better binge both of those series.

      Our friendship may have to ride on these things they're so important ;)

  2. I would just love to sit down with JK Rowling and talk to her about Harry Potter, and how she's such an inspiration to me. And I'd love to do the same with Rick Riordan! And I also really want to meet Rae Carson, Robin LaFevers and Melina Marchetta :)

    1. Just so many great people on this list! AHHHH!!!!!!

  3. UM. HAI. *waves*
    I'm pretty sure I'd self-destruct if I ever met Melina Marchetta in real life. She's my favorite author OF ALL TIME. Also, John Green, Marissa Meyer, Rae Carson, and Robin LaFevers would be pretty sweet.

    Talk to you soon!

    1. I would die! I was at Sarah J. Maas's signing today and she met Melina Marchetta a while ago and told us the story and she cried both times. haha Totally would be me.