BEA Day 2 Recap: The day I was featured on a publisher's twitter!

BEA Day 2

BEA day 2 started much like the previous day...waking up ridiculously early. But, this time, while it was to wait in line, it was also to hit up the Harlequin Teen Breakfast! I have never attended an author breakfast before, so it was really cool to have some breakfast with bloggers and meet the authors and editors behind some of my favorite books.

Authors from left to right in this candid shot: Eleanor Herman (Legacy of Kings) decked out in an amazing crown and goddess crown, Adi Alsaid (Never Always Sometimes), Katie McGarry (Nowhere But Here), and Jennifer L. Armentrout (White Hot Kiss). They were absolutely hilarious and so fun to talk to. I hyperventilated a little when Jennifer L. Armentrout and Katie McGarry sat next to me. HOLY COW, GUYS! I SHARED FACE SPACE WITH THEM!

Harlequin was also awesome enough to send everyone home with a copy of each of the author's latest books.Thank you so much, Harlequin Teen!

Alex Bracken setting up piles of Passenger to sign!
When I was full of yummy breakfast, I went back upstairs and joined the main BEA line because I was a girl on a mission again. This time for Passenger by Alexandra Bracken. If you have not heard of this book yet, you need to get your behind onto Goodreads because this book looks like absolute perfection! When the gates opened, I was ready to walk (not run!) my way to that time-traveling

And, lo and behold, I did! Alexandra Bracken is so dang sweet and it was awesome to have the pleasure of meeting her twice this BEA (more on that later)!

After getting my MUST HAVE book of the day, I spent the day running around and hitting up a few drops before my afternoon got crazy with signings. I did not hit up a single autographing line prior to day two, so I was determined to chill out and talk to people on lines.

The absolute coolest thing ever happened to me on one of those lines! I was hanging out on the floor of BEA when my phone suddenly blew up because people were telling me I was in a picture circulating le blogosphere. Earlier in the day, I hopped on the Lair of Dreams by Libba Bray line. I liked book one despite it scaring the daylights out of me, and I am excited to now have book two after the crazy wait (and that cray cray line)! It seems that Little Brown and @TheNovl shared in my excited because THEY FEATURED ME ON THEIR OFFICIAL TWITTER AND INSTAGRAM WITHOUT ME EVEN KNOWING THEY WERE TAKING A PICTURE! You guys, I've made it. Look at me and my crazy (recognizable!) hair! That's me and Libba Bray! ON THE NOVL TWITTER! OMG!
Awww yeah! I'm a line starter!

Once I got over that amazingly cool shock, I decided to hit up more lines. I had heard amazing things about Emily Lloyd-Jones's Illusive, so I had to get on that line! I was also shocked I was able to get on the Snow Like Ashes signing line, which was super exciting because I really like Sarah and I'm still eagerly awaiting this sequel! Two amazing hardcovers among many others. Mind-boggling! BEA brought the bookish love this year like never before!

Shortly after these lines, I hung out on the Lois Lane: Fallout line, which was a lot of fun because one of my best friend's older sisters randomly ran into me and joined us on the line. She got her first ever signed book, and it was super adorable!

After completing that line, Bekka, Nicole, and myself ran to Macmillan to get tickets for Marissa Meyer's Fairest signing. Prior to BEA I had already read Fairest and loved it, but I have never met Marissa Meyer. Welp, after waiting on a crazy long line for that beautiful pink ticket, I can cross off one of my desperate-to-meet authors from my bucket list! Marissa Meyer is so sweet and kind, and ahhh, this was definitely a huge highlight of BEA! I can finally say that I've met one of my favorite authors that has created one of the most kickass fairytale retellings ever!

After that excitement was over (in all honestly, I was still on a bit of a high all the way back to the hotel), I headed back to the hotel to drop my stuff and relax for an hour before I went to the Macmillan Happy Hour Party! I was fortunate enough to attend this party last year as well, but wow...this year it was in The Strand's Rare Book Room and I just want to live in this room forever.

This is a panorama taken before many people arrived. A little dark, but hopefully you understand the beauty!
Happy Hour had a ton of amazing bloggers, a group of kickass publicists, yummy food, and a photo booth, and you can bet your bottom that I took advantage of all the fun. Plus, 5 amazing authors were there with us and I had a blast talking to Josephine Angelini, Marissa Meyer, Leigh Bardugo, Leila Sales, and Sandy Hall! They are all so sweet and kind to bloggers! When you put a ton of authors and bloggers in a room, you can be sure that fun shenanigans would ensue!

Danielle, me, Andi, Sandy, and Josephine Angelini looking gorgeous!
me and Rachel from Hello, Chelly! I've known her for so long, but we've never taken a picture!

Me and Meredith from Pandora's Books!

Danielle from Love at First Page and partner in crime for Summer of Series!

Jess (Read My Breath Away), Ashleigh (The YA Kitten), Marissa Meyer, Bekka (Pretty Deadly Reviews), me!

Me and Leigh Bardugo!!!!!
Of course I met Leigh Bardugo near the end of the night, so my hair was huge and I was exhausted, but how can you not fangirl and smile when in the presence of a literary genius?! My night was made even more spectacular when Macmillan handed me the best goodie bag ever featuring the latest title from each of the authors attending the Happy Hour party.

Guys...I walked out with SIX OF CROWS! I AM STILL NOT OVER THIS! Macmillan is way too kind to us! Thank you, thank you, thank you! <3

I headed back to the hotel with a huge smile on my face, but also a great desire to sleep and never move again. Day 2's haul was super awesome, but nothing could compare to the amazing people I got to meet. Check out the bookish lovelies below!

The books I freaked out the most for: Passenger, Legacy of Kings, Nowhere But Here, Six of Crows, Hunter, Hello Goodbye and Everything In Between, Awake and Illusive.

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Did you attend BEA? What books are you most excited to read? Am I crazy for still hyperventilating a little when I think about being in the same face space as Marissa Meyer, Libba Bray, and Leigh Bardugo? Share your thoughts below! <3


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! I am so jealous. I didn't got to BEA this year but I am so excited for Lair of Dreams :)

  2. Sounds like you had an amazing time!

    If I had been there, I think Passenger would have been my number 1 priority. I hope it's as amazing as it sounds!

    I'm pretty sure that if I ever met one of my favorite authors, I'd be reduced to a pile of nerves. You look so calm & relaxed while standing next to Leigh!

    1. I truly did have an amazing time!

      PASSENGER was my number 2 behind Truthwitch, but still a huge priority!

      And omg really?! I felt like I was a bouncy ball inside hahahaha