Let's Talk About It: Collections

I was recently having a conversation with one of my friends about this and thought it was really interesting, so I decided to use it as a way to get to know my readers! I think it's fairly obvious that we all collect books as bloggers, but I am wondering what else do you collect? Such things are typically very telling of who you are and what you value.

My best friend and I both love to travel, so we have this unsaid rule that whenever either of us gets out of the country, we have to buy each other something. She always wants a shot glass, and I always want a snow globe. We never ask each other if we are getting something, we simply just do, and then scream in delight when an extra-padded package arrives for us in the mail a few weeks upon our return back to the United States.

So, let's get down to my collections...

I collect Broadway playbills. I have this Playbill binder and inside of it are all the Broadway Playbills for shows I have seen since coming to college. Unfortunately, I am missing a few from my childhood because I did not value Playbills then, but I'm hoping to replace a few of them when I see the shows again (Wicked, The Lion King), and perhaps purchase others from the Broadway store since they won't be coming back (Hairspray). I like to wait outside of shows and get playbills signed a lot, too. Actually, as you read this, I'll be sleeping in from my most recent addition to this collection: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime.

And, because I just want to freak out with some people, here are some of my favorite playbills:
  • Hedwig and the Angry Inch: I saw this show twice and have 2 different playbills...one with Neil Patrick Harris's beautiful face from when I saw it with bloggers, and one SIGNED by Andrew Rannells when I saw it with my best friend. 
  • If/Then: So, I actually didn't really like this show. Idina Menzel is ridiculously talented so her singing was great, but the plot itself did not appeal to me and there was only one or two songs that really wowed me, especially because Idina chose not to belt at the performance I went to. BUT I STILL GOT HER AUTOGRAPH! My friend actually fainted on me when she was signing her Playbill. omg
  • Something Rotten: I have Brian d'Arcy James's and Christian Borle's signatures. They are both so nice and ridiculously talented Broadway superstars, and, ack! 
  • The Glass Menagerie: Zachary. Freaking. Quinto. AND HE IS SO NICE IN PERSON! That is all.
  • Of Mice and Men: James Franco may be an ass, but that doesn't make me any less excited to have his autograph.
  • Big Fish: Not signed, but my first ever show that I saw in college that reignited my love of Broadway. Also, the Broadway show was totally better than the movie.
That's 6 of 40+ playbills, so I'll stop before I just list them all.

I collect snowglobes. I think this is fairly straightforward and I am not home to take pictures of my collection, which is probably a good thing for ya'll because there's a lot. I try to get them from states, countries, tourist attractions, amusement parks...anything really. Anything unique that has a snowglobe attached to it typically means I want one. My parents started this collection for me when  I was very little, and I've just never given it up.

I collect coins from every country I have visited or those close to me have visited. This is more because when I come back, it's always hard to exchange currency that isn't bills, but my family has started sharing money too and now I have a box that's just a smorgasbord of foreign coins.

I collect clothing swag from my college. This is actually completely accidental! I'm a campus tour guide, so I get a lot of free swag from that, and they alays hand out free shirts at events so I grab some to sleep in or some regular sized ones to just wear around to rep the uni. Plus, I think every girl should have a sweatshirt from their school. The only thing I don't have is sweatpants, but that's because my sister stole mine and then made me buy her another pair because she loved them so much. I really should just steal them back. haha

I collect book boyfriends. I mean...I think this is pretty self explanatory. We've all got a good chunk of these in our lives.

 What do you collect? Why do you collect those things? Do we have any collections in common? What do you think of the things I collect? What do you wish you collected?


  1. Besides books, I collect mugs. From places I visited, with funny designs, with quotes... Whatever. As long as they're all different. Only thing is, it makes travelling difficult because they can get quite heavy!

    1. I would imagine! I bet it's also hard to transport them! I've lost a snowglobe or two in travel.

      Also, hi Steph! It's been too long <3

  2. Collections can be so much fun! I actually collect buttons. I've picked up quite a few over the years since I started the collection, and love getting them from places I go to or events I attend!

    1. That is such a great collection! I have a ton of them floating around but I never really keep track of them. Maybe I should.

  3. I don't really collect anything! Besides books LOL. I guess my Funko Pop collection has officially started, but that's small compared to others lol. I do have several Giants jerseys....

    1. Giants jerseys are a great collection!

  4. How neat! I collect Zuni fetish carvings, indie nail polish, books (I don't try to, but it seems to happen), and dupioni silk in all colors.

  5. Besides books, I collect smashed pennies. I've also started collecting Funko Pops. So far i have Elsa and Lady Sif.