Summer of Series: K.B. Ritchie Interview & Giveaway!

These girls were once some of my best blogging friends over at Nawanda Files and now they're a big deal in the NA world. It's so crazy! I'm so happy to have them on my blog today!

Addicted to You
first in the Addicted series
Published May 22, 2014
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She’s addicted to sex. He’s addicted to booze…the only way out is rock bottom.

No one would suspect shy Lily Calloway’s biggest secret. While everyone is dancing at college bars, Lily stays in the bathroom. To get laid. Her compulsion leads her to one-night stands, steamy hookups and events she shamefully regrets. The only person who knows her secret happens to have one of his own.

Loren Hale’s best friend is his bottle of bourbon. Lily comes at a close second. For three years, they’ve pretended to be in a real relationship, hiding their addictions from their families. They’ve mastered the art of concealing flasks and random guys that filter in and out of their apartment.

But as they sink beneath the weight of their addictions, they cling harder to their destructive relationship and wonder if a life together, for real, is better than a lie. Strangers and family begin to infiltrate their guarded lives, and with new challenges, they realize they may not just be addicted to alcohol and sex.

Their real vice may be each other.

New Adult Romance recommended for readers 18+ for mature content.
Describe the Addicted series in one Tweet. 140 characters or the Twitter gods are going to get you!
Becca: Best friends, Lily and Loren, a sex addict and alcoholic pretend to be in a relationship to hide their addictions from their families #chaos

Krista: 9 Books. 6 Friends. 3 Couples. 1 Epic Series. #getaddicted

What has been your favorite part of writing The Addicted Series?
Becca: Besides having people read our work and say it's inspired them and changed their lives in some way (this is crazy to think about) -- the best part is being able to write this epic saga of friends that become close like family. Developing these flawed characters who grow through 5+ years of heartache, pain, laugher, love, ups and downs -- it's been a dream for us.

Krista: Becca definitely said it best! We've always loved writing ensemble casts and characters with tight family bonds, and to bring that to life in the Addicted series is a dream come true.

Did you always plan for The Addicted Series to be a series? How did it take shape in your mind? In other words, what inspired it?
Becca: We planned for it to be a 4 book series (with a shorter, in-between novel that was optional - so more like a trilogy). But as we finished Addicted to You, we realized that we could open up this world -- that it could be about more than just one couple. It became about these six people and how they affect and influence each other throughout time.

Krista: Our inspirations really derive from movies and television. We're huge TV junkies and movie buffs. Growing up, we fell in love with the character-driven films and the indies that had a lot of emotional subtext. They impacted us in ways that's really hard to describe. I think we both felt connected to a greater world beyond our hometown whenever we watched them. And some of the best stories, arcs, and characters are in TV, which only fueled us to create some of our own through writing.

The Addicted Series was so successful that it garnered a spin-off series called Calloway Sisters. What does this mean to you?

Becca: the world! Seriously, it's a huge dream. We've always wanted to write, but having enough people support our writing in order to continue the series has been a blessing and an honor.

Krista: It's hard to believe where the series is now to where it was two years ago in our heads. We never even imagined people could fall in love with it and support it like the way they do. Like Becca said, it really is a blessing and an honor.

5What is the most interesting thing you have Googled in the name of research?

Becca: Oh, I've Googled so many weird things. Probably the weirdest one to date was my Google search for an animal that cannibalizes itself. I wanted one of our characters to compare his adversary to this animal, and I had to go through a lot of disgusting options before I landed on a good one. A rat-snake.

Oh that's a good one, Becca! Fun fact: When we were writing Addicted to You, we were still in college so I was on campus internet (in our on-campus apartment) and I always freaked out that some student who works in IT could see my browsing history.

What is one series you would recommend to readers?
Becca: Harry Potter! I know, I know everyone has probably already read this, so I'll throw out a second rec :) I've recently started the Falling Kingdoms series by Morgan Rhodes and it's so entertaining. I haven't finished it yet, but every book has been as captivating as the first.

Krista: That is so tough! I'm going to go with a lesser known series and say Article 5 series by Kristen Simmons. It has a great plot, but the best aspect is the heart of the characters. They're the kind you root for, especially in a dystopian world. Also, shout out to The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer and The Sweet Trilogy by Wendy Higgins! Obviously, I can't just pick one ;)

Thor, Iron Man, or Captain America? GO!

Becca: THOR *twirls my plastic hammer*

Krista: I hate him in comic books, but if we're going with the movies...Captain America all the way!!! __________________________________________________________________________________


This dynamic writing duo is offering up a signed paperback of their debut, ADDICTED TO YOU, to one lucky winner.

All entrants must be 13 years or older and this giveaway is open to the US only.

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  1. I've been reading this series and enjoying it so much. I love how all of the series tie together. And thank goodness for the reading order on their website!! :) Great interview!

    1. Oh yes the reading order is super helpful! A series this long is a major feat for sure!

  2. OMG I love Krista and Becca and their books <3 Their answers about the things they had to research are funny, haha! Great interview!!

    1. They are very easy to love <3

      Thank you!

  3. I love that their inspirations come from tv and movies and that they are junkies like me :)

    1. They are the best pop culture junkies out there!

  4. I love that their books resemble a tv show's seasons vibes and how the timeline is so immaculate and all the novels tie in together. Thanks for the giveaway!