Fall 2015 is trying to kill me

As you read this post, I am experiencing my first day of classes as a Junior in college. Whoa! Hold up! Back track! Re-read that! JUNIOR YEAR IN COLLEGE?! WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE?!

When I started this blog, I was near the end of my junior in high school! I am kind of freaking out right now! Just omg.... 

Okay, now that I got over that, let's get to the post! I think it's important to update all of you with my life since it's kind of crazy. When is college ever really calm though? You've stuck with me through some serious craziness in the past, but nothing will be as crazy as this upcoming fall semester!

To explain the Fall, I have to explain next Spring. As of this moment, I am preparing to study abroad in the Spring. Because of this, my schedule for the Fall is super locked in. And, unbeknownst to me, this decision greatly impacted my thesis schedule. See, I am an Honors student, so I have to write a thesis and present it in the Spring of my senior year in order to graduate with honors. I was supposed to start this thesis in the Fall of my senior year, but since I am planning on employing a huge survey open to the general public, I have to apply for certain permissions when publishing my work that makes my preparation a little bit longer. They would recommend that I start my thesis in the Spring of my Junior year, but I'm going to be on an entirely different continent! So less than two weeks ago I was informed that I had to do all of the research for my thesis in a teacher monitored independent study this upcoming semester...10 days before it started.


I should point out that my thesis is a topic I think will be a lot of fun to explore in relation to children's literature, but it's going to take a lot of work and it's something I didn't necessarily plan for. My Fall is packed enough as it is.

This Fall semester I will be:
  • Taking 16 credits worth of classes, 2 of which are online
  • Taking a 2 credit independent study monitored by a professor to complete all thesis research and have a meeting with said profressor at least once a week for an hour
  • Which means I have to do hours of research every week on my own time for my thesis
  • Yes, that brings my total credits for this Fall semester up to 18. Oh, wow. 
  • I will be interning two full days a week (but I really like doing this so yayyyyyy)
  • I will also continue to work one full day a week as a tour guide to keep my on-campus work study intact
  • I will have a lot of homework to do
  • I am finishing up one minor and starting a business minor that simultaneously scares the crap out of me and makes me excited all at once
  • I am applying to study abroad in the Spring
  • I am also applying for the prestigious Gilman scholarship to perhaps offset some costs when I go abroad
  • I am applying to any other study abroad scholarship I come across
  • I am continuing to act as an Honors mentor to 3 incoming freshman
  • I am commuting from home, which means that there's about 2.5 hours every day that I am going to be on trains, running for trains, panicking that I missed my train, etc.
  • I am also going to have a social life and see my friends because that's important to me
  • I am also going to sleep because that's important to me
  • I am also going to continue blogging because that's also important to me
  • I am also going to continue reading, maybe just not as much
Yeah...Crazy, right?

Lili = one big ball of stress
So, this is that moment when I get to the whole "obligatory this blog is in for some changes blah blah blah" bit. I do this at the beginning of every year, but I've survived two full years as a student and don't plan on slowing down any time soon. The content on this blog may shift to be a bit more personal as I gear up to go abroad, and there may be less reviews and more blog tours because I won't have as much reading time. I mean...look at the craziness that is my life up there! But, Lili's Reflections won't be disappearing any time soon. I love this blog. It's my outlet for my stress and a place for me to talk about literally anything I want to. I refuse to let that go, especially when I am beginning perhaps the most stressful semester of my life.

But there's a lot of things to look forward to after this semester because I am putting myself through all of the craziness now instead of putting it all off:
  • I am going abroad in the Spring!
  • After January I won't have to look at my thesis for 6 whole months because I'll be abroad!
  • My senior year will only have 24 credits total that I need to take!
  • I will come back to a job on campus!
  • I get to intern for an amazing company that I have wanted to work for for so long!
  • I really like my thesis topic and my thesis adviser!
  • I will be done with my thesis a full semester ahead of most of my peers!
  • I will not be stressed out as a senior because I will literally barely be a full-time student since I worked my butt off as a freshman, sophomore, and junior!
  • I will have more time to intern and focus on networking to enter the work force when the time comes!
  • I will be the ultimate time management superhero when this is all done.
  • I will develop the superpower of functioning normally without getting any sleep. (#WIN!)
  • YOU (yes, you, reading this right now!) will get to be part of my thesis research if you so wish (more information to come on that in the future)
If there is one thing that I have learned while blogging in college, it's that I have to remain realistic and positive. Realistically, my blog won't be as active as it is during the summer because I am not in class/working 9-5 everyday while factoring in an hour+ commute both ways and all the homework I am assigned. (Honestly, if I had to do homework in the summer we may have some issues.) But, positively, my blog will still be here. I like it too much to let it go. It just may not be what it once was.

All of you have stuck with me for so long, and I hope you stick with me through this crazy stress-filled journey again. I promise all the crazy fun travel posts I plan on making in the Spring will be so, so worth it!

Now for a little fun...How do you handle stress? Any shows you binge-watch? Any books? Toys? Games? Stress-ball-squeezy-things? Healthy foods to calm you down? Rubber-bands to snap against your wrists? Share your secrets with me and I will forever be grateful! <3


  1. Good luck with everything - and I would be HAPPY to help with thesis fun :)
    As far as stress goes, I normally internally freak out and seem calm and collected to the outside word - but then I get a migraine and want to die :( so I sleep... which is kind of counter-productive. I also have taken to LOVING planners and lists. I have them everywhere and when I was doing my thesis I had designated research notebooks - I did everything in them, took notes, wrote down references I needed, compiled 'word-vomit' paragraphs of info i might need. They were my savior. :)
    Anyways -- cheering you on from the internet sidelines :) WoooHOOOO!!!!

    1. I think a lot of people will enjoy the thesis fun when the time comes!

      I tend to internalize a lot of my stress too, and everyone always thinks I've got everything together and inside I am like WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT NOTHING IS GOING MY WAY AND I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO AND I AM FREAKING OUT. I suppose that is why I stress eat a lot, but I am trying to avoid that forevermore so...let's see how that goes.

      Thank you!

  2. Good luck on your thesis and class load this quarter! But your study abroad sounds like it will be amazing. I have been seeing pictures of my friend on Facebook doing study abroads and they look like they are having the time of their lives, hopefully yours is as amazing as theirs.
    I start my junior year at the end of September, but thankfully I don't have as much going on as you. Just a basic 16 credit quarter with possible a one-day-a-week job.

    1. I have been seeing all my friends study abroad too and I am like I MUST DO THAT! I am not giving myself a choice...I have to go at some point or another! It is my dream!

      End of September? That is such a late start! But hey, longer summer and more reading time for you!

  3. Yikes! What are crazy schedule. It seems like you're super passionate about your thesis though so at least it won't be such a chore to write. I hope your study abroad experience is awesome -- that's always one thing I'd wish I'd done in college.

    Good luck with everything =D

    1. The actual writing of it will be a chore just because I could hold a discussion on the topic for hours, but writing out my internalized thoughts and opinions and making graphs of analyzing ridiculous data will be the hard, time-consuming part.

      Thank you, Sajda!

  4. Wow! That is quite the semester you've got ahead of you! Good luck with all that. Very interested to know where you're going for your semester abroad. I applied and was accepted my senior year. I was going to England, but I ended up backing out of the program. It was a mix of not wanting to spend half my senior year somewhere else, not really having the funds (although I would have made do) and not wanting to leave my new boyfriend for 6 months. Stupid reason, I know, so I am happy to hear you are going to do something I wish I had stuck to.

    As far as stress goes, I like to play Minion Rush. Some call me obsessed over it. It's stupid fun and I like to hear the minions talk.
    For TV shows, I often have marathons of The Office or Doctor Who.
    When I was living at home at the Jersey Shore, I used to hop on my bike and ride to the ocean. The sound of the waves always calmed me down, so I would say sitting by the ocean or stream. If none are available, I would recommend a nice table top fountain or CD of rainwater or ocean waves.
    Good luck!
    Tammy @ Bo's Book Nook

    1. I will be going to England if all works out! This is my last chance since my senior year will be spent as a half-grad student. I hope it all works out! I've been saving up the funds, and my school will help me out financially, and I have no boyfriend to worry about leaving behind haha

      Minion Rush...haha never heard of it but I will totally look it up!

  5. When things have gotten too overwhelming, I sleep it off. Whether it's for an hour or the whole night, I just put things aside and try to sleep. Tea and then sleep, or sleep then tea, but never sleep and tea.