My Current Obsession (5): I am Sherlocked

The last time I did one of these, I talked about reality television. Have no fear, I'm still obsessed with reality television, but I love regular television too. I haven't been doing a lot of reading here in London because I find myself constantly exhausted. I feel guilty for spending a full day inside, so I am outside at least once every day. I do a lot of traveling. I wake up at ridiculous times and fly in ridiculously late to save money. It all catches up to me. Because of this, I often find myself Netflixing as opposed to reading a book because it requires less brain capacity late at night when I'm already in bed.

My current obsession is Sherlock. I knew that I had to properly watch this show here in the UK because I live on Baker Street. Yes, you heard me. My tube stop is the Baker Street tube station. I often find myself walking past the Sherlock Holmes Museum and the building used to house 221B Baker Street. When I exit the tube, a statue of The Great Detective greets me everyday. My favorite fish and chip shop, the cute little hotel around the corner...everything is Sherlock Holmes themed. I couldn't escape it, so I caved. 

Julia and I starting the final episode. We made it!
In the beginning it started as four of us: Julia, myself, Monica, and Mica watching together. Since then, Julia and I are the valiant two who have spent the last 2.5 months slowly watching an episode at a time together when we have the time to do so. We are absolutely obsessed. This past week we watched the final episode of series three. Some time in the near future we are going to watch the recent Christmas special, and then we get to join the rest of the world in the anxiety-inducing wait for series four in 2017. In the meantime, we can finally reward ourselves for finishing by visiting The Sherlock Museum. Much excite! Ah!

Can we talk about that?! Anyone else see the rumors that Tom Hiddleston may be Holmes brother number three?! Say it is true! I want it to happen so badly!

But anyway, allow the fangirling to commence.

I cannot wait to watch this special!

I suppose the easiest way for me to break down my immense and sudden obsession with this show is to make a list, as all obsessions can really only make sense in list format.

1. Sherlock and Watson are ridiculously talented.
I will admit that as I have moved through the seasons, I have noticed that the quality of some episodes have gone downhill. Some just aren't as good as the others, which is a shame because the producers have two AMAZING actors on their hands between Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. Like, they are ridiculously talented and deserve to be utilized in awesome ways. Sometimes the producers do that, and other times they don't, but I will steadfastly watch all of their adventures anyway. I hear that Benedict is a bit of an ass in real life, though, so I am remaining positive in the fact that I think Martin Freeman must be awesome in person. And even if he isn't, I am 100% sure that these two are great friends in real life because their on screen chemistry is superb.

2. The secondary characters add major depth.
I don't think there is a single secondary character that I do not love. Sure, I am not the biggest fan of Sherlock's elder brother, Mycroft, but I can admit he is beyond well characterized and very well acted. I find myself absolutely adoring most of the secondary characters that come on screen, especially Mary, which is a nice change from Robert Downey Jr's and Jude Law's Sherlock Holmes interpretation with a not so likable Mary. There's Sherlock's land lady and dear friend, Mrs. Hudson, who houses him as a thank you for his help getting her husband killed in the past (I know, right?!). There's Molly Hooper, hopelessly in love with Sherlock and blind to his many flaws. Greg Lestrade, officer and friend who values Sherlock's work even when nobody else does. Irene Adler, who we rarely encounter, but when we do she undoubtedly turns Sherlock's world upside down. The list goes on and on. So rarely have I encountered a cast of secondary characters that I love as much as those at the forefront. 

3. Jim Moriarty. 'Nuff said.
I hated him, but I loved him. He was so ridiculously complex. The first time I met the illusive Moriarty, I was a bit shocked. I wasn't expecting him to be portrayed this way. He was dastardly, yes, but not what I imagined. Though I suppose an evil figure shrouded in shadow twirling a mustache running a criminal empire isn't what he truly would be either. Either way, the producers took a character that everyone has heard of and put a totally unique spin on him. He is despicable and crazy and engrossing all at once, and I think the series seriously went downhill when his character exited because he provided such a unique story. Wow. Just wow. Bravo with this one.

*No picture here because that would ruin all the fun for people who haven't viewed it yet!
4. The layout of the series.
I know that this is a weird thing to love, but I seriously adore it. I love how each episode is a mini movie, allowing me to make movie nights out of it with my friend. Sure, it makes it a bit tougher to properly binge because it's tiring, but it allows it to become a group effort. It also allows us to get closer to the characters, I think, because we spend more time with them focusing on important sub-plots in their lives right alongside them. Sure, I know that Sherlock won't die even though it seems he may because there's still x more episodes and what would Sherlock be without a living breathing Benedict Cumberbatch acting in it, but that doesn't stop me from becoming so indebted with each new episode that I am constantly on the edge of my seat, breathing quickly, scared out of my wits, waiting to see what happens next. Plot twists galore with this movie-like set-up, and I have no complaints until I realize just how long I have to wait for the next series to be released.

I just really wanted a GIF of that smile in here. I lurve it.
5. We have a flawed character that truly embraces it, and we love him for it.
I suppose what I love most about Sherlock is that he knows what his faults are, he's aware of them, and he embraces them. You either like him the way he is or you don't. He's crazy smart, super anti-social, and inadvertently condescending because he is lacking in understanding proper social interactions, but he is a die-hard friend in the end with a lot of heart that would go to any means for the few people that matter to him (Watson, Mrs. Hudson, Mycroft, Molly Hooper). He is so complex, and so disarmingly weird and attractive all at once. I also find the topic of his sexual orientation to be interesting because, at times, the producers play into fandoms by shipping Sherlock with Watson or other male figures while they also have him use his looks to his advantage with certain female characters. Really, they've gone on record talking about how Sherlock has no interest in intimacy and romantic ties because it clouds his brilliant mind, which makes him all the more fascinating and complex and, agh, I just love him and his big coat and mind temple and addicting smile. ALL OF THE SHERLOCK PLEASE. I truly do hope that the producers continue to work around Benedict and Martin's increasingly busy schedules (yaassss! Get the attention you both deserve!!!!) to keep this show on air for many more years to come.

All images in this post were taken off of Google, and I do not own any except the one of Julia and myself.
Do I have an fellow Sherlockians out there? I officially move that we be called the Sherlock Holmies as a fandom because it's just so fun. But anyway, I am on the Sherlock Holmes train and I do not ever want to get off. I'm almost caught up with Sherlock, and I mentioned earlier that I follow along with Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law's film adaptations as well.
What other adaptations (books, film, television) do you guys recommend I check out this summer to fuel my new obsession? Comment below with your recommendations!


  1. Ahhhh I LOVE SHERLOCK! Great post! :D

    Amber @ Fall Into Books

  2. YES HELLO AND WELCOME TO THE FANDOM. We're a bit of a mad bunch as they make us wait 2-3 years for each season, but bloody hell is it worth it. Benedict and Martin have such amazing chemistry, the writing is spot on, Moriarty is PERFECT, and then you have Lestrade, who is totally dishy.

    1. I know! I saw season 4 isn't coming out until 2017 and I was like WHAT?!?!?! THIS IS NONSENSE!!!!! But then I realized it's because Benedict is going to be in so many other things for me to watch and I am like ugh...fine...maybe I am not THAT mad.

      Thanks for stopping by!