Lili's Travel Diary #19: Top Ten British Snacks I've Encountered

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish.

I really wanted to post a Top Ten Tuesday this week since, as you read this post, I am embarking on a 4 day Germany solo trip in Munich and Berlin that I am beyond excited about. However, I wasn't really feeling today's topic, so I decided to create my own topic and tie it in with a travel diary.

Disclaimer: This post will make you hungry.


British snacks are awesome. Occasionally lacking in the salt that this American is used to, I have rarely encountered one I do not like. It's even more surprising that most options on this list are chocolate based since I am traditionally a salty over sweet person in the states. It just goes to show how awesome British chocolate truly is. So, let's begin. In no particular order...


1. Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Bars
I have no preference when it comes to these. Milk chocolate, caramel, and oreo are all beautiful. Cadbury chocolate is so much better here than in the states. I am definitely bringing some home at the end of my time here.


2. Bourbons 
Chocolate cookies with chocolate cream filling. What is not to love?!

3. Custard Cream Biscuits
The vanilla version of bourbons taste just as good and are typically cheaper since they're more common. The closest American equivalent I can think of are Kebler's Vienna Fingers, but they just don't compare.

 4. Cheese and Onion Crisps 
I just love this flavor and they taste so much better than Lays' cheddar and sour cream. It's pretty funny since Walkers, the main potato chip (aka crisps in the UK) supplier here is just an extension of Lays. They have the exact same logo and everything.


5. Pombears
Lightly salted potato chips in the shape of teddy bears. Yes. I will say it is super depressing when they accidentally get crushed in your bag, though, and you eat a ton of headless bears.


6. Maltesers 
These are kind of like the British answer to American whoppers, except the difference is that I don't like whoppers in the states and I love maltesers here. Malt balls, except they are delicious.


7. Cadbury Creme Eggs
 Not everyone seems to like this, but I am a fan. I know my Mom is obsessed with them so perhaps its a hereditary thing. Chocolate eggs with creme on the inside. What more could you want?

8. Kinder Surprise 
Really, there's nothing magnificent about these things aside from the toys inside
since they're basically hollow, but the fact that they're illegal in America makes them all the more fun to splurge on here. I wish I could bring some back without being fined for contraband. Oh, well. I've got a little dinosaur that I know came out of one so whatever.

9. Wine Gums
The name is a bit misleading because no alcohol is used to make them. However, they are made with starch instead of gelatin, so they have stronger flavoring. As a fan of gummies and as a vegetarian, I approve, even if these really are ridiculously unhealthy for you. Then again, I've never been one for healthy snacking. Hah!

10. Kinder Buenos 
Milk chocolate, hazelnut cream, and and crispy vanilla wafers all in one. Literally heaven in chocolate bar form. Need I say more?

*Bonus: Cadbury Easter Eggs
Huge hollow chocolate eggs with original Cadbury recipe. The smallest are bigger than your fist, the largest the size of your head. What more could you ask for?

And, unfortunately, I have a confession. Prior to coming to the UK the Internet promised me that I would be obsessed with Flake bars. Well, the Internet lied. They're a bit chalky and I am not a fan. Sorry, Internet.

 *All of the above images are taken from Google Images and I do not own any of them.

Have you had any of these snacks? Which ones did you like? If you haven't, do you wish any of them were in America? Share your thoughts below! It's time we all become candy connoisseurs! 


  1. Most of the British people I know think Hershey's chocolate tastes like vomit. That's literally the comparison different people have used lol.

    My husband and I went to Cadbury World a few years ago. Maybe you should try to get in a quick visit! I had a hot chocolate there and it was amaaazeballs. Plus, if I remember correctly, they gave us a small tasting cup of what was basically a melted chocolate bar. Ohmygod.

    1. Yeah, I've heard that a lot recently. Now that I've had the good stuff, I can say that I understand! haha

      Oh my gosh, that sounds divine! I am going to go look it up now!

  2. Ashley is correct! We generally do not approve of American chocolate, although there is a lot of love for Reece's peanut butter.

    Kinder Bueno, Kinder Surprise, Cadbury's (giant Easter Eggs in particular) and Maltesers are among my favourites. I shall have to think of anything you haven't tried before you go!

    1. The love for that is real. IT IS SO GOOD! <3 I noticed they don't have them here, which is so sad. Perhaps I may have to send some your way in the future.

      Yes please! Any chocolate recommendations are always welcome!

  3. I'm pretty obsessed with Kinder Bueno! It's one of my favorite sweets to snack on. I also really enjoy Maltesers; they remind me of one of my high school best friends!

    1. I love the last line of your comment...I associate certain foods with certain people too! Such a great way to want to get back in touch with them!

  4. OMG the American Cadbury tastes terrible! We have the UK ones here so I was very unpleasantly surprised when I bought Cadbury in the US and it tasted like crap to me.
    I LOVE Bourbons too! And Kinder Bueno and Malteasers.
    This definitely made me hungry!

    1. It tastes so bad, Nick! I know! I used to love it but I'll never be able to appreciate it again now. The UK has ruined me!

      It made me hungry making it haha