A Disney World Induced Temporary Blog Hiatus

Hey, hi, hello! My name is Lili, I am 21 years old, and I have not been to Disney World for about 13 years. The first time I went when I was 8, it was a way to celebrate my parent's recovery from their accidents. We got to enjoy the atmosphere of Disney, but not many of the rides. 13 years later I plan on doing Disney World right! I've got this crazy awesome 9 day adventure from May 26-June 3 and I am so ready for it!

My longest friend, Cheryl, graduated college and recently moved to Florida to start working. Her celebration is a Disney trip which her parents were kind enough to invite me on, so for 9 days I'm going to indulge in everything Disney and kind of disappear from social media.

That's a lie, I won't be disappearing from social media entirely. I'll be doing some tweeting (@LiliReflects) at night probably, and of course Instagramming (lilifeinberg), and let's not forget snapchatting (lili.feinberg) this crazy fun adventure. Follow me if you want to live it with me! But I won't be focusing on social media the way I do now.

I'm really excited to embark on this adventure before I begin my five day work week this summer. While I am very excited to start at both Tor and Nickelodeon, I am extremely stressed with a few things going on at home and I am losing my valiant fight against the villainous jet lag. This will be a nice little break from reality to ease me back into everything, and also an amazing way to end my crazy travel adventure 2k16.

I have a few posts going up on the blog while I am exploring the Disney parks, but content will be a bit slow-coming until I return June 3rd because I want to immerse myself in the parks. I want to meet my favorite characters, and watch all the firework shows, and see all the animals, and eat in all the castles. This blog is going to take a temporary back seat so that I can do all of that since this is a trip I have been waiting for for, well, thirteen years.

Thanks for sticking with me! *disappears in a puff of smoke genie style*


  1. I love Disney World! It makes me feel like a kid again when I go. It's just so magical. I hope you have an amazing time <3

    ~Brittany @ Brittany's Book Rambles.