Top Ten Reasons I Love New York City

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I have been struggling to readjust to being home after being gone for so long. Everything is the same, but it's simultaneously different. One cat lost a ton of weight while the other cat gained it. A small restaurant on the corner changed its name. Roads are closed for construction so I can't remember how to get places. I have to build a routine that I so comfortably lived in before leaving that I don't entirely remember. So, because of this, I am not making this a bookish post but a post about being home because it reflects what has been on my mind lately.


1. Land of Opportunity- New York City has given be a ridiculous amount of work experience, but it's also given me the ability to explore. I mean, I am starting to work at Nickelodeon as you read this post. How crazy is that?! If you told 12 year old me from a small town in New Jersey that this would be my future, I'd probably laugh in your face. It's crazy awesome, and I am so thankful for it.

2. Getting Lost in a Crowd- I consider myself to be an ambivert, meaning that I exhibit qualities of extroversion and introversion simultaneously. Because of this, I like to be alone but I don't at the same time. I love that I can walk outside to a park and be alone among millions of people. It relaxes me.

3. Diversity- My hometown is not ridiculously diverse and that's something I was really unhappy with growing up. We had the tiniest bit of religious diversity, but very little when it came to open sexuality or race. I made sure to go to college in a city where that wasn't the case because my tiny bubble of a hometown is not indicative of the real world. NYC has opened me up to many people I never would have met at home, and I am so thankful for that.

4. Openness- NYC has taught me to be open to my peers. While I am, at times, solitary, I also love my friends, but my best friends are people I never would have imagined because we are all so different: a finance major that just landed a major position with Chubb insurance, a girl dedicating her life to the Olympics, a girl who is going into bridal marketing one day, the next big music manager, a world traveler who managed to graduate in three years, a girl who is KILLING THE GAME and had so many job offers she turned down Google, and only one fellow book nerd in Dana. I would typically keep to my people, and NYC has taught me that the best people aren't always similar to you. I actually can only name two English majors that I am close to, which is not something indicative of the person I entered college as.

5. High Minimum Wage- THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! KEEP RAISING IT WORLD! I SUPPORT THIS! More monies than New Jersey, yes.

6. The Subway System- This sounds so silly, but as someone who hates driving I am so thankful for the opportunity to hop on mass transit and get anywhere I want to go for under three dollars, no matter how far I travel. Plus, it runs twenty-four hours a day! After living in London, I am so thankful for our cheap subway fares and ability to never have to worry about getting home if our show lets out too late.

7. Publishing Capital of the World- I am so thankful that the industry I have found myself in is headquartered in New York City. The signings, author events, conventions, and panels that occur here because of this are ridiculously amazing, and it helps me shape my future and meet my fellow nerds in ways I am extremely thankful for.

8. Independence- Living in such a wild city means that I've really learned to be independent. While I naturally find myself leaning on my parents when I need them, I know how to fend for myself, and I am proud of the person I have become because of this. As cliche as it is, it excites me to be a young twenty something independent woman in NYC.

9. Foodie Exploration Galore- As a vegetarian, I am limited food-wise at times. Not in New York City. And, even better, NYC is an amazing place for vegetarianism foodie exploration. Vegan sushi? You got it. The best veggie burgers I've ever had? Go for it. Vegan meat products? Sign me up for that protein, yo! You name it, I can probably find it here. I've learned to appreciate good food, and its worth dropping the money on if you can find something deliciously unique.

10. The Ability To Do Anything- I can step outside and do anything. Eat, see a concert, go to Broadway, hit up the beach, see a friend, go out dancing, take some classes. You name it, I can do it without having to travel more than an hour. I love that I don't always know what my days consist of, which makes each day freaking awesome.


Have you ever been to NYC? What did you think? Do you love it as much as I do? Comment below with your thoughts, and don't forget to share your own TTT post! <3

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  1. OOoh nice topic and picks!! I personally always feel intimidated by NYC. Which is why I have yet to really go there other than a layover at JFK! Probably doesn't help that when I travel, I'm on my own 99% of the time. Gotta find me a go to anywhere buddy! LOL! Great picks!

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    Have a GREAT day!

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