Review: The Mistake by Elle Kennedy

Series: Off-Campus #2
Publication Date: May 6, 2015
Publisher: Indie
Reading Level: New Adult, 18+
Pages: 296 (eBook)
Source: Borrowed from Friend
He’s a player in more ways than one…

College junior John Logan can get any girl he wants. For this hockey star, life is a parade of parties and hook-ups, but behind his killer grins and easygoing charm, he hides growing despair about the dead-end road he’ll be forced to walk after graduation. A sexy encounter with freshman Grace Ivers is just the distraction he needs, but when a thoughtless mistake pushes her away, Logan plans to spend his final year proving to her that he’s worth a second chance.

Now he’s going to need to up his game…

After a less than stellar freshman year, Grace is back at Briar University, older, wiser, and so over the arrogant hockey player she nearly handed her V-card to. She’s not a charity case, and she’s not the quiet butterfly she was when they first hooked up. If Logan expects her to roll over and beg like all his other puck bunnies, he can think again. He wants her back? He’ll have to work for it. This time around, she’ll be the one in the driver’s seat…and she plans on driving him wild.
~*~Lili's Reflections~*~

John Logan, known around campus as Logan, seems to have it all. A killer body, mad skills on the ice, decent grades, lots of friends, girls throwing themselves at him left and right, but there's one thing he can't have and that's his best friend's girlfriend...Hannah from book one, THE DEAL. He is hung up like no other on what he can't have, and it's beginning to drive himself crazy.

Enter Grace. A girl he legitimately accidentally stumbles into that rocks his world by accident. An innocent freshman, she isn't out hunting for a guy to change her life, which is why Logan seems to be so attuned to her. For once, someone's not throwing themselves at his feet. Sure, she won't say no, but she's not actively seeking him out. Grace's characterization is great. She starts off the book as a very shy girl-next-door that lets her friends walk all over her and ends up a confident, knowledgeable, dedicated young woman that was a pleasure seeing grow in front of my eyes.

Similarly, Logan grows a lot in this book, too. He's carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders, and it's getting to him, but he's realizing that he just wants happiness. He wants someone to come home to, to talk to about anything, to not judge him or his family...and that someone is obviously Grace. The two of them have a crazy addictive romance when he isn't putting his foot in his mouth, but I suppose it's a good thing he's the King of Grand Gestures and bringing on the cheese.

One thing I didn't like about this book, however, is his crush on Wellsy. Let's be real, this seemed so unlike Logan! He's such a diehard best friend to Garrett, and I don't think this is the type of person he is. I think Kennedy threw that twist in there to make other aspects of this book make sense, but it didn't make sense for him. He's too loyal for that. It just rubbed me the wrong way.

I also found the ending to me quite irritating. The epilogue put a smile on my face, and overall the cliche ending is exactly what I was looking for when I picked up this romance, but it seemed so rushed. There's a huge monumental moment that is building up from the second we first meet Logan's family in the poor town of Munsen and I saw it coming from a mile away because it was so obvious what Kennedy was building up to. Obvious plot twist (while great and important) was obvious.

The slightly wonky plot and rushed ending (combined with Logan's tendency to repeatedly stick his foot in his mouth in the most frustrating ways possible) is what held this book back from being on the same level as book one. Was it still the book crack I was looking for when I decided to binge this series? Yes. But did I LOVE it? No. But, with that in mind, I still greatly enjoyed this book and highly recommend this series.


4 stars


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