Where do you get your reading habits?

I think it is safe to say that most members of this community are prolific readers. We read more than the average person, are probably responsible for single-handedly keeping the industry alive because all we do is buy books, and can quote entire passages of our faves back to you without blinking an eye. In other words, we are the best people around and we own the world. Really, we've just discovered the power of reading and have never been able to let that epiphany go.

This makes me wonder...where do we get our reading habits?

Years ago, when I did a photography project for a class taking pictures of people reading their favorite books, I learned my Dad's favorite author was Ayn Rand, author of Atlas Shrugged. I was a little shocked just because I never pegged him for that type of reader. In truth, my Dad is barely a reader at all, so the fact that he had a definitive favorite book was a little surprising, too. Suffice to say, I do not get my reading habits from him, though he respects my love of books and let's me indulge in it endlessly...even if it means that there are random piles of books littered all around his apartment. If you ask me, it gives his home some character.

My Mom, on the other hand, was once a major reader, though not in my lifetime. We have books everywhere and boxes upon boxes of books in the attic that belong to her. However, she's more of a mainstream reader. She has a lot of James Patterson (seriously convinced she owned every book he ever wrote up until a certain year) and lots of women's lit authors like Nora Ephron. She's also slightly judgmental of reading YA books for herself, which is frustrating for me but whatever floats her boat, right? She rarely reads now, but she once did.

I think she was just happy to have a child that obsessed over books growing up instead of clothes or jewelry or boys.

So, I think it's safe to say that I get my love of reading from my Mom. I remember growing up with Junie B. Jones and Nancy Drew because she wanted me to, though it was my Dad who first put a Harry Potter book in my hands, to be honest. However, I get my reading habits from neither of them. My preference for YA is not something either understands for themselves, though they both support. I choose to attribute this to the fact that YA wasn't really around when they were young adults themselves. They don't get what it's like to juggle 7 books at once as a 17 year old because they all come out at the same time and are just so dang good!

Furthermore, my preference for fantasy is just lost on them. The few times I have ever seen my father with a book in his hand it has been sports related non-fiction, law related, religion related, or something like a murder mystery. My Mom likes mainstream bestsellers and women's fiction. And I prefer YA fantasy to anything else. This habit, I think, comes from the escapism methods I created for myself when it came to reading. If I am taking a break from reality, I am literally going to take a break from this world and teleport myself somewhere else, ya dig? That's not to say I don't read contemporary because I do, but I do find myself reading more fantasy than anything else.

So, I wouldn't be the reader I am today if not for them, but I sure as hell will never be a reader like them. haha


Where do you get your reading habits from? Are they kinda unique to your family like mine are, or are you able to talk to your relatives about the books you read because they read that way, too? I'd love to hear your stories below! As always, comments are always appreciated. <3


  1. My mom is a hospital administrator, but was an English major in college, while my dad is a college professor, who also writes plays and screenplays in his free time, so they always emphasized the importance of reading. We had a rule growing up that books were not presents... while there were always plenty of books under the Christmas tree and everything, if we wanted something new to read, our parents would get it for us automatically: they didn't want us to see them as something for special occasions or every once in a while, but something that should always be a part of our lives! Of course, I'm the one who took it a little overboard. :)

  2. my mom for sure. My dad doesn't really read much either. All though my granfather always had a book in hand too. The books I read.... well I read almost anything and that comes from noone but me. My mom loves thriller and crime genre, my grandfather was westerns. So I just try them all.

  3. My mom is the bigger reader between my parents; she's a huge fan of romance and women's fiction, which I also love. She also like crime fiction, which I'm not big on! But it's because of her and my dad and their dedication to reading to me from a very young age that I ever really got obsessed with reading in the first place ;)