I don't even know what to title this post

Hi, readers.

Just a quick post to update you as to why my blog hasn't been updated for, like, a week. My cat is sick. And when I say sick I mean really sick. As in we watch him everyday because while he's still with us, he's not going to be much longer since he hasn't eaten for a week.

I've been struggling with this a lot because, well, he's MY cat that I name Cosmo after a Fairly Odd Parent because I had no clue who Cosmo Kramer was. When we first got him nearly 15 years ago I was the only one he'd let touch him for a solid period of time. He eventually grew to accept my family, but he always loved me more. Whenever I was home he'd glue himself to my side, he'd sleep in my bed, attack my feet when I accidentally kicked him, and roll all over my black clothes because they smelled like me. Everyone else only mattered when I wasn't home, then he only had those big green eyes for me.

And now he's not gonna be here much longer and my mind just refuses to accept that because, you know, I'm 21.5 years old and he's been in my life for 14.75 years. That's more than 2/3 of my life. What am I going to do without him?

I've been an emotional wreck for numerous reasons this summer, but his illness is like the icing on top of my shitstorm of a summer cake and I just can't with everything right now. I barely have the time to sit on my laptop and think up a coherent post because I'm just watching him, playing with him, trying to coerce him to eat. He's got a few days left in him and, well, he's my priority right now.

I'll be back because this is part of life, but damn, this part of life sucks.

It would be awesome if you can keep Cosmo in your thoughts. Despite his weakened state, he's still purring and drinking water and running around. He's not suffering, and we refuse to allow him to do so. It's not fair to him.

The picture on the right was taken on August 13th. By August 19th he had lost 3-4 pounds. I don't really know what else to say aside from the fact that you should all give your pets super big hugs because you never know what's going to happen tomorrow.


  1. Hugs to you and Cosmo and your family. I've had three amazing cats and have spent those last moments with every one of them. It is a difficult but loving thing to do. I can't imagine being so young and losing this pet who has been a part of most of your life.

    Sweet dreams, Cosmo.

  2. I'm keeping you and Cosmo in my thoughts. I lost my 15-year-old cat over a year ago now, and it's so hard. I'm so sorry, hun <3 *hugs*