My Current Obsession (7): The Great British Baking Show

I haven't been binging a lot since returning home from the UK, but lately I have been missing my study abroad experience and was searching for something...British, for lack of a better word. This baking competition is very popular in the UK and there is one season from 2014 on Netflix. I decided to dive right in on those slow nights where I am too tired to read, but too awake to sleep. I grabbed some chocolate milk, sat back, and let my mouth water for the past month.

I don't know how to describe this show. In fact, it even sounds boring at times, but I adore every second of it and even make a point to watch it on PBS and YouTube when I see new episodes are up now. EVERYTHING JUST LOOKS SO GOOD.

They take regular people that are phenomenal bakers--people that deserve to open their own shops but haven't because baking is something they do on their side and is not their regular profession. They have everything from 17 year old students to 70 year old grandmothers, construction workers, graphic designers, and people of all ethnic backgrounds that bring their own flare and cultural experiences to baking. It's crazy how diverse and interesting such a vast group of people make this show.

The show takes place in a tent on the weekends. The contestants live their normal lives Monday through Friday. They hang out with their families, they go to work or school, they practice baking...and then they spend their weekends competing towards the grand prize of ... a cake stand! And, you know, the title of the Next Great Baker. The prize just goes to show how this is a no glitz, no glam, honest to goodness fun competition with a ton of baked treats that make all of our mouths water. This is a phenomenon back in the UK, and it's slowly expanding to encompass the world.

The two hosts are ridiculous eccentric, wearing varying forms of the same outfit each weekend that make me cringe. They go around trying food for free and I am so jealous of that. And then there are the judges...Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood. Yes, that's his real name. He's just as sleazy as he sounds, but also super knowledgeable and interesting to hear from when he gives critiques because praise is so rare from him. And Mary Berry is s a sweet grandmother that loves her alcoholic sweets, and I love every minute of it.

Moral of this story, just watch this show. Learn how to bake. Hear your yummy grumble. Bask in the extraordinary abilities of these ordinary people. And root for someone to win that cake stand!!!


Have you ever seen this show or even heard of it? I love it! Do you have a desire to watch it now that I've told you about it? Comment below with your thoughts! <3 Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go convince my Mom to watch it.


  1. I LOVE this show... I love Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood. Also I get emotionally invested in who leaves each week. And the final episode in a season is always a killer!

    Emily @ Reader Rising

  2. I absolutely adore GBBO! I first watched it on a plane trip from the Philippines to NY, and I thought it was so compelling (and all the food looked amazing). I haven't actually watched a full season yet, but I definitely plan on it!