An Accidental Hiatus

I have not posted in almost a month. 2 days short of a month to be exact. And in the last 2 months I have only managed to get a total of 8 posts up. This is something I work heavily to avoid, but I had no choice. School literally took over my life. Between my thesis and my full course load I was sidetracked from blogging in ways that have never happened before.

I just felt exhausted. If I managed to read a book, I then had to immediately dive into homework or fall asleep for the next day's early morning instead of writing a review. Thus, the blog was put on the back-burner, which I feel a little bad about.

But, on a positive note, it gave me the time to miss blogging, and to want to come back to it because I genuinely wanted to and not because it was an obligation or a chore.

The beauty of blogging is that it is a wonderful hobby connecting me to so many amazing people. It's not cool when the fun aspect of that is taken away and overrun with stress and obligation.

So, for the month of December, I am making it a point to have fun in my little corner of the Internet. Gotta end 2016 strong.

But, I'm happy to admit, I'M BACK!

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